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Dec '15
A few things were added lately and we wanted to give some information on them.

You can link your forums account to your actual Vape account by going to

If your Vape account is linked, you'll be able to login to the forums using your Vape account instead of directly signing into the forums. (OAuth)
New users can also register via their Vape account without needing to create a forum password, and without entering an email/confirming. Registering with this will automatically link your accounts.

This account linking itself was added a while ago but we haven't previously mentioned it.

If your account is linked you'll have a couple profile options unlocked at
"Show registration date" will show the original registration date of your account at in your reply details, by month and year. For example this shows my account at was created in December 2015.

"Show active Vape subscriptions" will show badges to indicate that you actively have access to Vape V4 or Vape Lite.

If you have access to any product you'll also have access to a private category on the forum, which only other confirmed Vape users may view or reply to. You are not required to show your product badges to gain entry.

We also added a forum reputation system(Social Credit). You may rate other users at your own discretion but we advise that you do not abuse it. When this was first added, any registered user was able to rate. But now you must have a linked Vape account with active products in order to rate other users.
Not open for further replies.