Is Blink watch doggable?

Discussion in 'Settings' started by Safeiboi, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Safeiboi

    Safeiboi New Member

    Like, do you get a manual ban or does it get watch dogged? I've been using it for combos or getting behind people when they're waiting at the end of a bridge but haven't been banned yet. Any chances of ban?
  2. rofl

    rofl Active Member

    The Blink sends some packets to the server, I think the Blink is patched so don't use it.
  3. HighQuality

    HighQuality Member

    It will flag NCP if you do it for too long, but I doubt it's totally patched, because barely anyone uses it.
  4. PartSmart

    PartSmart New Member

    I was using it a few months ago in Hypixel sumo duels lol. It worked really well and can confuse people but i haven't used it in a while so idk if its patched or not

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