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Key bind

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Super_BR, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Super_BR

    Super_BR New Member

    vape v3上的哪些按键绑定
  2. Super_BR

    Super_BR New Member

    我想知道如何在Vape V3上切换作弊键绑定
  3. Super_BR

    Super_BR New Member

    I was wondering how do you switch Key binds for cheats on Vape V3
  4. Daruh

    Daruh Active Member

    aperta shift e botao direito no negocio la e vai aparecer "press key"
  5. winstonwlau

    winstonwlau Active Member

    open up click gui with right shift, then leftshift-click on the module you want to bind. press the key you want to bind it to. if you want to unbind a module, just leftshift-click on it twice.

    lmk how there are 4 posts on this thread in 3 different languages lmao
  6. Super_BR

    Super_BR New Member

    I still wouldn't
  7. xSxdistic

    xSxdistic Member

    It's easy
    Open the GUI with right shift
    then hold your shift key and left click on the module you want to set your bind to
    when you press shift + left click, it will say "Press a key"
    there set whatever key you wanna bind a module to
  8. Super_BR

    Super_BR New Member

    I understand. Thank you very much

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