can you inject vape lite into CB

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by malaa5210, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. malaa5210

    malaa5210 New Member

    i just rlly wanna cheat on the CB that manny has
  2. Rases

    Rases Member

  3. TerribleCheater

    TerribleCheater Active Member

    Didn’t Cheatbreaker shut down? Or are you talking about the unofficial one?
  4. Saprix

    Saprix Active Member

    Unofficial one
  5. MastaNub

    MastaNub Active Member

    you cant inject lite into childbreaker
  6. malaa5210

    malaa5210 New Member

    yes the one manny released
  7. GamerOfGamers

    GamerOfGamers Active Member

    Can you inject vape v3 into Hyperium? Its a forge client

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