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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Manthe, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Rases

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    Sorry for my bad explanation :(. "Require mouse down" means you have to press the left mouse bottom nonstop, while my suggestion is clicking
  2. rofl

    rofl Active Member

    Oh sorry
  3. Daruh

    Daruh Member

    Suggestion Name (if applicable):

    Explanation of suggestion: ESP only invisible option. The ESP only works in invise people

    Why should this feature be implemented?: Because me personaly use ESP just to se invise people but it look so bad
  4. why would you want to see invis people LOL anyways there is an option in esp that says invis
  5. Daruh

    Daruh Member

    Yes but you see all the people with esp i wanna see just the invis
  6. SeeIn4D

    SeeIn4D New Member

    Suggestion Name (if applicable): Vanish Detect / Anti-Vanish
    Explanation of suggestion: Shows a notification any time a staff member on the server enters vanish
    Why should this feature be implemented?: When playing Minecraft Factions and participating in illicit activity, being able to determine whether a staff member is actively in vanish makes a huge difference in how you behave and the likelihood of you being caught. Obviously this won't pertain to some HUGE factions servers where there's nearly always a /v'd admin, however for most small to mid sized servers this would allow people to make more safe and informed decisions on what they do.

    A feature similar to this already exists in Impact (1.12+ only), Future (Developed by the same gent), and Sigma. For reference, the Sig source is available leaked publicly on a github repo.

    I've held off on buying Vape for the longest, however since buying it I've been nothing but impressed. You guys have nailed the UI, and you're actually actively involved with your playerbase. I genuinely feel this could be a nice addition :)
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  7. 4nthony

    4nthony New Member

    Suggestion Name (if applicable): Parkour Jump

    Explanation of suggestion: (Visuals/Examples are helpful): Jump at the end of a block.

    Why should this feature be implemented?: Good for parkour.

    ESP color by team
    Bypass InvadedLands anti cheat.
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  8. wthwajtwt

    wthwajtwt Member

    I really like that idea, i just hope its possible.
  9. processos

    processos Member

    Suggestion Name (if applicable): Breakaura

    Explanation of suggestion: (Visuals/Examples are helpful): It's like Killaura but for blocks, Breaks specific blocks around you, would be cool if as Killaura had an option "Break through walls"

    Why should this feature be implemented?: Just walking around while the hack breaks the ore is great, and for example, farm afk on Hypixel's SkyBlock, there are minions that put in ores but take a long time to mine them.
  10. TheBoss321

    TheBoss321 New Member

    Suggestion format killaura

    Suggestion Name (switchdelay):

    Explanation of suggestion: more versatility for the switch delay/more option

    Why should this feature be implemented? you could really bypass on more servers because you can switch the turn delay to the perfect setting instead of having preset ones that you cant change.
  11. GamerOfGamers

    GamerOfGamers Active Member

    Suggestion Name (if applicable): Hypixel Un-nick

    Explanation of suggestion: (Visuals/Examples are helpful): Un-nicks nicked players, for example when you get into a game, if a staff, youtuber or mvp++ is nicked, next to their nick it will show their actual username for example:
    Why should this feature be implemented?: So if you queue with a nicked staff, youtuber or popular mvp++, you can untoggle or something so that you dont get banned or hackusated by someone known.
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  12. HighQuality

    HighQuality Member

    It's easy as fuck to patch that and on some servers it doesn't even work in general.
    Remember when anti-vanish on Hypixel was a thing until it got patched within a week?
  13. nexfins

    nexfins New Member

    Suggestion Name (if applicable): Hunt tracers

    Explanation of suggestion: (Visuals/Examples are helpful) As a faction player we often have huge fights from 5v5s to 20v20s I would like a feature where I can (click) my enemy and they have a special tracer so I don't lose him in the fight. (normal tracers are just too much and you will still lose your target between all the red tracers)

    Why should this feature be implemented?: Just REALLY handy feature
  14. Galyn

    Galyn New Member

    Suggestion Name (if applicable):HitBoxead

    Explanation of suggestion: it would be nice to have a hitbox in Vape Lite since it is quite good to have it in vape and it can easily be passed on some servers like hypixel
  15. rofl

    rofl Active Member

    Vape lite is not a blatant client
  16. TheBoss321

    TheBoss321 New Member

    Suggestion Name (if applicable): acc killaura

    Explanation of suggestion: (Visuals/Examples are helpful): help bypass acc anticheat

    Why should this feature be implemented?: helps with server that use the acc anti cheat and lots of other clients have an acc feature to turn on and off for killaura.
  17. winstonwlau

    winstonwlau Member

    I'm 99% sure this isn't possible. The whole purpose of the /nick command is to disguise youtubers, mvp++'s and mods. Unless there's a way to determine if a player is nicked, I don't see this happening.
  18. winstonwlau

    winstonwlau Member

    Did some of my own research and realized if you look up a player on hypixel's player lookup ( and it says the player is not found, then he or she is nicked. This is probably going to be too much for vape but maybe it can look up each player's ign when you get into a game and if the player isn't found, it could send a client side message warning you that person is nicked and could be a youtuber/mod/MVP++
  19. Marek

    Marek New Member

    My few suggestions:
    • higher fly speed mode on hypixel aka "fast fly" (current speed boost is slow and works for only few sec)
    • some improvements for noslowdown to bypass NCP/AAC/ etc - block/autoblock option in aura etc etc
    • more options for antibot system aka packet detection or this options idk ( to improve antibot system for other servers not only hypixel/mineplex
    • add killaura Single mode not only switch

    • longjump for hypixel
    • bow FLY mode
    • step with ncp/aac bypass
    • Jesus with mode basic/dolphin and maybe some bypass for aac/hypixel idk
    • Lagback check - disable speed/fly etc etc if u get lagback by anticheat

    I think i dont have to explain each of these options because probably everyone knows them and how they works etc
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  20. GamerOfGamers

    GamerOfGamers Active Member

    That’s not bad of an idea but I don’t have the time to look up 3 peoples names every ranked match
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