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    Rise help

    Wrong sigma on top halal
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    Banned on hypixel with these settings.

    Vape in sb lmfao
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    Banned on hypixel with these settings.

    If you don't cheat you won't be banned.
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    How do I hide specific modules?

    iirc Reach misplace is useless if you are not rec and uses the minimum slider
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    Make the Rearview module include any visual hacks

    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc): Vape V4 Suggestion Description: Make the "Rearview" module render visuals like esp, nametags etc in the rearview window that it provides. Video Reference (Not required): explains itself
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    Can you get banned for ESP?

    Probably if you were very blatant (staring at sneaking/invis players through walls, hitting invis all the time)
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    Invalid username or password

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    Invalid username or password

    Make sure that the credentials are the exact same as, if you are still having the issue contact support with your issue at
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    Blocksmc config

    Look up statwiped on yt
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    Blocksmc config

    Try launching liquid and then rebinding your open gui key for both liquid and vape. then try injecting.
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    Blocksmc config

    Vape is not a blatant client so prob some rise/azura user with crits
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    Lite vs v4 Aim Assist

    1 speed on v4 is 10 on lite i have heard somewhere
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    settings for 20ms on hypixel

    Its all 3
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    why do i still take kb with v4

    also hypixel detects vertical
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    does anyone know how much vape v4 decreases fps?

    I can't even notice the fps drop
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    Vape V4 on Badlion Client

    Touch more children
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    I have a dick waiting to enter your mother

    I have a dick waiting to enter your mother