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  1. Swojilla

    More versions

  2. Swojilla

    How to hide vape lite?

    can i add you also
  3. Swojilla

    100% VG 100ml bottles

    you should go to a vape shop that makes their own eliquid or just make your own very easy to do so and cheaper
  4. Swojilla

    vape minecraft windows edition

    horizon would be good if you could actually use the auto clicker and self destruct
  5. Swojilla

    Banned on Lunar

    wtap is dog please don’t use it just watch w tap vid yt cuz you cant
  6. Swojilla

    Vape on 1.19?

    you cant currently it may come out in the future
  7. Swojilla

    Hypixel Game info

    ah alr
  8. Swojilla

    Yeat > vape ?

    yeat>4 block reach
  9. Swojilla

    Hypixel Game info

    I was wondering if on cops and crimes on hypixel using hit boxes would allow my shots to hit better or around corners i have never tried it. Esp works very well.
  10. Swojilla

    I got banned using vape lite on an alt - need advice

    if you had a usb this might not have happened some servers use paladin and your all good, just use forge and don’t delete the file use the usb
  11. Swojilla

    Vape Lite fail to work

    it’s not that hard to answer
  12. Swojilla

    Vape Lite fail to work

    what mc version? and client
  13. Swojilla

    What are all the places vape will leave traces of being used and installed

    i just use usb but i haven’t been detected for vape itself but echo has not been ran but just default ss i’ve passed before
  14. Swojilla

    Rip techno

    bless his soul
  15. Swojilla

    i have a screen share question

  16. Swojilla

    i have a screen share question

    wdym ss failed are they allowed to do that they didn’t find anything though which is suspicious imo
  17. Swojilla

    i have a screen share question

    i would like to know what servers can ban if you get ssd I got ssed and they found a mouse macro which i was not using or had on my pc to my knowledge, they banned me for it when i had vapelite and they could did not ban me for that when i had self destruct. I would like to know if there’s...
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    More versions

    I need gooseware
  19. Swojilla

    Add real x-ray to vape-lite

    Can you add actual toggable x-ray to vape lite, Instead u have to add block values to search which is hard and not as nice to see.