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  1. EmPaKu1

    new KA settings

    I'm testing the different auras on a singelplayer world and the blatant aura target mode none seems to be the same, visually as the old legit aura. Tho I'm not sure about bypasses and such on hypixel.
  2. EmPaKu1

    I think watchdog is watching me.

    What you are seeing is the replay system watching you, this is the same for all player on hypixel. If you for example get a lot of reports a staff can "replay" you to se what you have done and if you have been cheating even if you log off
  3. EmPaKu1

    Vape Bug Report Thread

    Vape edition(Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc), and Minecraft version(1.7, 1.8, etc): Vape V4 Brief description of the bug: When you set the aim assist speed higher than 10 and save the settings, it doesn't properly save it. Let's say I set both vertical and horizontal speed to 30 and save it just...
  4. EmPaKu1

    Can you hide vape gui in discord screenshare?

    Well true, but it depends on what settings you are using. Also you can turn off "Show target".
  5. EmPaKu1

    Name revealer

    It would be nice if the vape developers could add a name revealer for hypixel duels. It should be possible to do and to safely use since I've seen it on so many other clients.