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  1. Crips

    Where do I find the Clutch module?

    You can also just search it.
  2. Crips

    Safe SUMO settings for main: Hypixel

    i understand 😲
  3. Crips

    Save Text GUI Settings

    if it is possible then let us save the text gui settings, i personally use the length sorting because it looks better. But i have to re-enable it everytime i inject vape v4
  4. Crips

    Does anyone have a discord server for vape Vape is a hacked client, even if they would create a server it would probably get taken down.
  5. Crips

    blocks mc new anticheat

    Maybe they just have new detections, try to lower or disable some options.
  6. Crips

    Does scaffold bypass?

    Scaffold (Legit), bypasses everywhere i think. Just use a decent delay so you don't get staff banned.
  7. Crips

    Safe SUMO settings for main: Hypixel

    He just wants negative social credit
  8. Crips

    Safe SUMO settings for main: Hypixel

    Here is the UID to my legit config i use on hypixel. Works in all pvp modes i guess? ba58c52e-c45e-477c-9509-05b4fdb73f9d
  9. Crips

    Flying on Cracked Servers?

    Are there any working blink + fly methods on servers like pika/jartex network or blockmc?
  10. Crips

    How about scaffold in hypixel's bedwar?

    I personally use legit scaffold with a 130-150ms delay (140 ping)
  11. Crips

    blatent pikanetwork config

    yeah i saw it that killaura config actually bypasses
  12. Crips

    blatent pikanetwork config

    The killaura is i think
  13. Crips

    blatent pikanetwork config

  14. Crips

    Alt shop

    I don't think that you can sell accounts on discord, they will most likely ban you.
  15. Crips

    blatent pikanetwork config

    Thanks i was waiting for a video like that.
  16. Crips

    blatent pikanetwork config

  17. Crips

    blatent pikanetwork config

    They are keep switching their anticheat i think, killaura is detected there now. However you would use autoclicker with blockhit.
  18. Crips


    Even if you could use a vpn to bypass it.
  19. Crips

    Garbage Server Killaura?

    Jartex staff still cares a bit, pika network is now pure anarchy.