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  1. bruh6969

    Vape Bug Report Thread

    Vape edition(Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc) Vape V4 Minecraft version(1.7, 1.8, etc): 1.8.9 w/ Forge Brief description of the bug: Whenever inventory blur is enabled in the legit menu fast rendering gets disabled How to reproduce the bug: Legit mod menu, enabled inventory blur, press esc, go to...
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    nyor appeal

    No idea who you even are but I've heard this shit so many times and 80% of the time they haven't changed.
  3. bruh6969

    Hitboxes or legit aura

    Explain I've never used hitboxes but I've heard they're detected, legit aura you'll be fine tho (you'll get staff banned tho with either one)
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    On low settings you can't get banned for reach or velocity.
  5. bruh6969

    any pirated clients

  6. bruh6969


    Provide more information, perhaps a video would be best.
  7. bruh6969

    Recommended features to add

    Wrong category, wrong format, manthes already said he won't  work on blatant modules anymore.
  8. bruh6969

    Banned in Hypixel. Top 1 server

    turn off hitboxes and turn down the reach to like 3.2-3.3
  9. bruh6969

    Autoclick Options

    If you're recording and have the cps mod enabled, it's kinda weird whenever you say you're butterfly clicking and the cps isn't fluctuating like you're double clicking, also vl cps cap should be increased to 25 for the same reason
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    gift card purchase

    ~1 day
  11. bruh6969

    Blatant Toggle Settings For Alt Question

    yeah a half year ago I used autoblock on my 600 star account for 3 months, never got banned
  12. bruh6969

    Togle's Hypixel Vape Settings || UHC || Skywars || Practice || Never Banned || Recording ||

    he wasn't the one that Necro posted, @togleXD was
  13. bruh6969

    Vape GUI is being weird.

    submit a bug report
  14. bruh6969

    Vape GUI is being weird.

    did it start happening after you re downloaded vape? or was it after a lunar update
  15. bruh6969

    GUI Problem

    "script notepad"?
  16. bruh6969

    Best kinda legit settings with reach and aimasist

    no one can help you if you don't even share what the server is called
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    Why Blink is not working in Solo ?

    You have to enable the module whenever you want to freeze then disable it whenever you want to unfreeze, this is best done with a keybind like X for example, I'm pretty sure there's an option in blink like "show self" or smth like that, test it on a hypixel duel then look at the replay and see...
  18. bruh6969

    Lunar Client failed to log in.

    Contact lunar client support, don't post it in a cheating forum it's not like we can do anything about that.
  19. bruh6969

    Say Hello or have bad luck for 20 years

  20. bruh6969

    Why Blink is not working in Solo ?

    Server? Wdym by solo