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  1. rofl

    how to actually bypass a ss with vape lite?

    I've already explained what are strings and how to delete them. Bypass guide doesn't change anything, if your cheat (or a part of your cheat) leaves any strings behind, you can't erase it unless you recode the cheat to "patch" the detections. Avenge nor any other tools knows how to find vape...
  2. rofl

    how to actually bypass a ss with vape lite?

    Just to clarify, vape lite doesn't leave any strings. Also it's not possible to erase strings with methods, the only way to "clear strings" is to modify the part of the cheat that leaves them behind. So if you realized by some circumstances that the strings aren't picked up by a random sstool...
  3. rofl

    a bunch of improvements

    If you really think an anticheat that has never been able to detect cheats without flase flagging all players will detect without problems the vape's aimassist. And fun fact no relevant servers/anticheats can detect the aim assist without issues.
  4. rofl

    a bunch of improvements

    I really hope it's a joke, NCP false flag every time if you're just moving.
  5. rofl

    a bunch of improvements

    Then say the anticheat, and if you're talking about verus, this anticheat false flags every time.
  6. rofl

    really ?

    A bowaimbot is useless to have.
  7. rofl

    a bunch of improvements

    No anticheat can detect the aim assist. The module just does something that a legit player can do. And this module is undetected for +5years. And raven is a client that has been released with a discord token stealer and with 90% useless modules.
  8. rofl

    a bunch of improvements

    The killaura has been improved already. It has been denied before. It has been denied, not a real form of velocity. No. Useless and Anticheat a = hypixel and anticheat b = mineplex. The AimAssist is alreayd perfect, nothing to change, and raven doesn't bypass anything. BridgeAssist is...
  9. rofl

    vape lite

    Vape lite has a no click delay built-in the autoclicker.
  10. rofl

    Do someone knew a way to bypass paladin with Vapev4?

    Not possible, you must use vape lite to be undetectable during screenshares.
  11. rofl

    How to use autoclick

    Enable "break blocks".
  12. rofl

    what reach was actually banning when hypixel added reach checks?

    How is it not irrelevant? If a legit player has been banned by these checks, then if they readd the checks, it would irrelevant to know how it works since you'll be banned regardless if you're cheating,or not. And i've heard they have been unbanned.
  13. rofl

    How do i inject vape v4 in cheatbreaker?

    lunar client is a reskinned cheatbreaker, cheatbreaker was released in 2017, while for lunar client it was in 2019.
  14. rofl

    what reach was actually banning when hypixel added reach checks?

    It's irrelevant to know since it was removed + false banning most of their players.
  15. rofl

    Vape Lite

    The next update will be released when it's ready.
  16. rofl

    Extra+ AC Randomization on Vape Lite?

    It's currently only on v4 but it'll be added onto Vape lite in the future.
  17. rofl


    Yes, the "Only caves" will show every blocks that you set exposed to air. This is good way to make xray/search working on servers with anti-xray.
  18. rofl

    Is my configuration secure? In Hypixel My Ping is 220ms

    Hitboxes will get you banned regardless of your settings, so you shouldn't using it. And for the fastplace, you should set it to 1 or using the rightclicker is a better option.
  19. rofl


    In the settings on xray/search module, there's an option called "Cave Mode". And this option will make xray/search showing blocks exposed to air.
  20. rofl


    There's already a trigger mode inside the autoclicker on vape lite and v4.