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    110/120 ms universocraft config

    UniversoCraft will add Custom Intave but for the actual ac u can use this: AC: 16-19 AA: Any Reach: 3.0-3.2 Velo: 85h100v Legit Scaffold: 75-100 Fastplace delay: 0
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    is bedplates detectable

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    Hay un modulo llamado "Search"(se encuentra en Render), En Search block pones la Id o el nombre del objeto que quieres buscar ejemplo: diamond_ore o 56. Si no entiendes pasa tu discord xd
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    mm soy nuevo en esto denme configuracion para vape v4 pls las necesarias

    Hola, para que servidor ocupas config?Universocraft?LibreCraft?HyCraft?
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    Auto BlockHit (Autoclick)

    Can i be banned if i have blockhit set to auto?and the cps matter?or i can go higher like 15-18 (Hypixel)
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    Its me or Timer Was Removed?

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    I would like to know configurations for universecraft

    La uso en toda las modalidades xD bw, sw, destruye el nexus, ctw, etc.
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    I would like to know configurations for universecraft

    Usa esta config y agreame a dc y te paso otros trucos con vape xd dc: Trai xd#8574 Autoclick: 18-20 Reach: 3.0-3.18 Velocity: 93v100h AimAssist: A tu gusto ya que no banea por esto
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    Reach: Only While Sprinting

    Hi, I had a question. Is it very obvious if I have this disabled? Or can I use it without a problem in case a staff is looking at me?Like Hypixel or some hcf server xd 3.0-3.15 Reach
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    Vape v4 error

    Im using forge just with optifine. I will try to run it as administrator and verify that it is not a problem with the windows firewall. Thanks for your answer. Have a good day =)
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    Vape v4 error

    Hi.Anyone know why it only works for me when I re download it? It just lets me use it 1 time and then it gets stucked on 4/18 ;-; it is very annoying to have to download it again every time I want to use vape :(
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    Share a config

    How can i share my config w/ friends?._. idk how to upload it to public profiles.
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    They dont have staff xd 15k players and just 3 active staff playing bw XD
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    help with Universocraft config (A LITTLE BLATANT)

    Literal. Puedes usar 100cps si quieres y no te va a banear; lo único que hará es quitarle los bloques en caso de hacer puente pero mas no te baneara. Usar 0 velocity desde que implementaron Intave(ac) no se puede usar ya que será un ban instantáneo. Lo único que puedes usar bajo es el velocity...
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    help with Universocraft config (A LITTLE BLATANT)

    keepsprint&50% velo u will be banned lol
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    help with Universocraft config (A LITTLE BLATANT)

    Yo uso Reach 3.1-3.4 Autoclick 20-20 (no hay checks para esto) Velocity 90h95v100c Legit Scaffold usalo en 50-70 (si le bajas mas los bloques desaparecen a veces) AimAssist Maxealo si quieres xd Si necesitas ayuda en algo mas puedes pasar tu discord y te ayudo por ahí xd
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    i mean u can use 6 if u want xd but u will be banned fast
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    wtf u cant use more than 3.4 reach on universocraft
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    send ur discord ill help u with unviersocraft xd
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    mouse acceleration?

    yea w/ ur pc but u dont know how good @avapeuser69 pc is