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    i am back did you miss me?
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    Which classic mob in minecraft is the most fuckable - Megathread, Full analysis

    So. Lets rule out both the zombie and the zombie pigman due to rotting flesh. Next we throw out the silverfish due to size and also have you seen the fuckers irl? Next, I’m throwing out both spiders because that’s just too many eyes, fangs, legs, and hair. Also the blaze, because while it...
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    well known member

    lol this is funny
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    holy shit what the fuck did u guys do

    my reaction score went from 100 to -6
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    I want Hatsune Miku to crush my balls

    It's only 6 days into NNN and I'm already fantasizing about Hatsune Miku again. I can't handle listening to one of her songs and not instantly whipping out my micro-penis to masturbate about her crushing my balls. Holy fucking shit I want her to crush my balls. She is a petite woman so it would...
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    i am back

    did u all miss me?
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    I love shitting in tall buildings.

    I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy taking a nice long dump in a high rise building. Think about what happens when you flush the toilet; your feces goes down into a pipe that will connect up with the city’s sewer system where it will be treated and disposed of. But where do these pipes...
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    Who wouldn't want to fuck a blobfish?

    Who wouldn't want to fuck a blobfish? I'll tell you who wouldn't want to fuck a blobfish; people who have fucked a blobfish. Sure, it looks enticing, a surfaced blobfish what with its pouty face and honker's nose, hoo how with its soft, squishy flesh and a little, non-threatening fins, boop...
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    do you put ur balls in condom?

    I know this sounds like a joke but my friends keep telling me that I have to stick my testicles in the condom or else semen leaks out. Is that true? Do I really need to stick my balls in the condom? Please help.
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    free bra's

    Hey girls, I'm giving out free bra's for everybody who dm's me! To get the bra please send me a tit pic, from different angles and flop them around maybe send a few vids, I'll send you the bra shortly after I can make sure I can send you the right size, so please ladies send me your tit pics and...
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    new signature

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    [Story] Hitler fucks pikachu

    Hitler slowly and calmy inserted his penis inside Pikachu. Pikachu moaned softly. He'd never been treated like that. Hitler made Pikachu feel special. Ash had never bothered to do anything like that for him. Hitler, on the other hand was ready to do anything for Pikachu. He even made Pikachu's...
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    Female anus too close to vagina

    Hi, I've been with a few women in my life and one thing I've noticed is that the female anus is incredibly close to the vagina, in fact they're barely an inch apart. I'm not sure about other guys - but doesn't this disturb you? It feel like a design flaw in women actually -- like they're...
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    My girlfriend was playing with my balls and she was amazed that they weren't perfect spheres but more like eggs. Then she tried to switch em around (left to right witch kinda scared me) and lost her shit. I took the opportunity to show her all the amazing penis and ball maneuvers I could think...
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    how to feel like a woman when peeing

    Ok so basically I discovered that if you put the top of a water bottle in your ass a bit then squeeze it fills the inside of you with water. Basically if you fill yourself up with a lot of water then go to the toilet you will hardly be able to aim when you squirt the water at high velocity out...
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    i'm so fucked

    All day I’ve been doing pre calc homework. Got like 11 pages done. It was exhausting. After I finished I wanted to relax. Naturally I started making self love. Feels nice to finally relax. When I finish however, I NUTTED IN MY FUCKING EYE. It’s not uncommon for me to shoot far, but I’ve never...
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    a girl showed me her booba

    I've struggled for a while with talking to girls and I recently decided to start talking to this girl about the elections. I just decided that since we didn't go to school matter it didn't really matter as much about what I said, Kinda a douchebag thing to do but idk. We've known each other for...
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    Is Hypixel Streamsnipe hacking or is he just good?

    Hypixel SS is a stream sniping channel and I wanna know if he hacks or not can't tell tbh LMFAOOO
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    Saw someone talking about his fetish so i want to talk too

    My fetish is that by catching a fly, ripping his wings so he couldn't fly. I tie the fly with a string so it won't leave me. I go to bathroom fill the bath with water and stay in it. The water level must be at the level of my dick, every part of my body should be covered with water except my...