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    If you are complaining about hypixel bans / anticheat please read this.

    Wait is Freecam itself detectable? Like if using it you could possibly get banned? (On Hypixel to be specific) Or is it detectable when you're using it to break blocks (for BW) Edit: I'm very shitty at explaining things. So I may sound very retarded :"(
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    What do you do when you don't vape?

    Function like a genuine human being?
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    Pika Network Config

    How the fuck do you have Vape v4 but cheat on a cracked Minecraft server? 😭😭😭
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    Why is my MMC getting fucking ass. I had 20 and now I have 60 wtf

    Why is my MMC getting fucking ass. I had 20 and now I have 60 wtf
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    is vape really worth it?

    Blatant wise: No Legit wise: Yes In my opinion it feels overpriced but maybe we can get a revival of vape being A LOT better again. (I know Manthe works hard as shit on this so no worry to him)
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    mmc legit settings

    Don't even use these settings, just use some AC and thats it Or you could probably use 0.03 hitboxes (but it needs to be TOGGLED like every 5-10 hits)
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    Vape for 1.13-1.18+ or alternatives?

    So basically Hit Selecting I think the hit select cheat can do the same amount of timing on Minecraft 1.9+ pvp
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    why do some cheaters cry when they get cheated on by other cheaters

    I literally just use an autoclicker and a legit scaffold because people can see 3.01 reach 💀💀 But blatant cheaters kinda suck out all of the juices of the entire fun happening. (Plus they're ALWAYS fucking nicked)
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    any screenshare bypass method with these rules ?

    I remember when I had an alt that played legit and destroyed some people on MMC. Then a retard SSed me and banned me because I deleted novoline off my PC (Even though it isn't injectable)
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    Can i change subscription?

    There is a Vape v4 giveaway currently going on and you can be one of the 5 people to get it! Your odds are currently around 5 in 343.5 or around 1.5% chance of winning Either way good luck
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    Can you PVP channels be more original

    I keep seeing this same shitty format of plugging in the video and just a circle of pvp The edits are fine but the originality is 0 💀💀
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    suggestion: make the main gui theme white instead of black

    My eyeballs will be fucking raped. Please no
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    Ban experiences on hypixel

    The first time I got banned on Hypixel was on Nov 2021 (When I got into cheating and I was using Meteor Client to hack) I was on duels and used 3.3 reach and didn't get banned. Got on Skywars and got banned within the first 5 minutes. Second experience on August 1st 2022 I got another 30 day...
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    Fake Hacks

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    is freecam bannable on v4?

    I was in on MMC and my dumbass got banned for using Freecam (with spawn fake on) so..
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    is freecam bannable on v4?

    Yes, it can be bannable on some servers Example; which has antigamingchair
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    What happened to tux

    They didn't seem to bad. What's the case? (I've been very inactive so expect me to NOT know recent shit around here)
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    RIP my main for getting banned on Hypixel for a month I USED 1.07 TIMER BRUHasdokasodsa

    RIP my main for getting banned on Hypixel for a month I USED 1.07 TIMER BRUHasdokasodsa
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    So many niggas necroposting

    I will proceed to call you a jiggerboo in this very moment