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  1. 228lol

    kill all weebs

    kill all the weebs here, they deserve the gas chamber
  2. 228lol

    make vap e fre!!!

    guys, I want vape but I'm in debt because I sexually abused 5 children
  3. 228lol

    vape lite 1.19.2

    make vape lite work on newer versions, it already doesn't work on 3 new versions
  4. 228lol


    anyone got da Manthe clicker or know a way to get more than 20 cps with vape?
  5. 228lol


    light theme gui
  6. 228lol

    rose client

    what in the fuck is rose client, looks like a roblox script, coded by cedo (tenacity coder) and claims itself as the cheapest ghost client while there's hundreds of free ghost clients that work better than this fucking rise client with an o
  7. 228lol


    please add chat macros
  8. 228lol

    low hop

    add low hop back because I'm retardered
  9. 228lol

    auto gg but with custom messages

    auto gg with custom messages/built in messages like buy vape @ vape dot gg
  10. 228lol

    vape lite

    vape lite for 1.18 cuz funi
  11. 228lol


    add 5 funy hypixel disablers (real)
  12. 228lol

    how to

    how to publish config
  13. 228lol

    disable on damage

    disable on damage feature for blink, fly and freecam disable on damage for blink will be useful on sumo and when using blink+fly on bedwars with TNT disable on damage for freecam is useful cuz when you are looking around and someone hits you, it will automatically disable so you can fuck that...
  14. 228lol


    why yall saying hitboxes get u banned on hypixel, I use 0.2 hitboxes on hypixel and I'm fine 💀
  15. 228lol


    add keep y-axis to scaffold (blatant) so we can bridge like fruitnigger 😎
  16. 228lol

    thealtening integration no workie

  17. 228lol

    mathe cocker

    does anyone still have the manthe clicker? i liked it idk why
  18. 228lol

    I haven't posted in 1 month, did the forum change?

    I haven't posted in 1 month, did the forum change? I don't see as many retards here anymore. edit: okay never mind
  19. 228lol

    did manthe just forget about manthe clicker?

    you can't even download it here
  20. 228lol

    how can i download old vape lite

    is there any legit way to download old vape lite like from 2019 or something i just like the old gui