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  1. 228lol

    aimassist mmc

  2. 228lol

    Searching for a hacker of mc accounts/personal information

    wa wa go suck dick mf
  3. 228lol

    george bush did 9/11

    shut the fuck up darky weeb
  4. 228lol

    kill all weebs

    i hope you get stoned to death
  5. 228lol

    kill all weebs

    kill all the weebs here, they deserve the gas chamber
  6. 228lol

    make vap e fre!!!

    guys, I want vape but I'm in debt because I sexually abused 5 children
  7. 228lol

    vape lite 1.19.2

    make vape lite work on newer versions, it already doesn't work on 3 new versions
  8. 228lol

    Vape V4 Themes

    +1 i want white theme so i can burn my eyes
  9. 228lol

    V4 Autoclicker Blocking

    reason: you're pressing right-click on accident.
  10. 228lol

    Improved Vape Lite Stuff..

    the in-game gui is sexy stfu
  11. 228lol

    FINAL V4 / LITE CONFIG FOR 1.7 / 1.8 SERVERS (2022)

    you should use everything on hypixel (real)
  12. 228lol


    everything on max, but set the reach to 20 blocks
  13. 228lol


  14. 228lol


    anyone got da Manthe clicker or know a way to get more than 20 cps with vape?
  15. 228lol


    beluga stan?? what
  16. 228lol


    i want it to be white as I hate Nick Gurrs
  17. 228lol


    light theme gui
  18. 228lol

    aimassist fix (for bedwars n shit)

  19. 228lol

    rose client

    what in the fuck is rose client, looks like a roblox script, coded by cedo (tenacity coder) and claims itself as the cheapest ghost client while there's hundreds of free ghost clients that work better than this fucking rise client with an o