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    another suggestion vape v4

    spotify integration @Manthe @Samson
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    basically those 7 or 8 (red, green, blue, purple, etc) gay ass colors to put on the gui needs to be removed and add the ability to make custom colors. How? RGB of course. the standard minimum is 0 and the maximum is 255 for each color (r, g, b) and with this you can make hot pink and what not...
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    WELCOME NEW FORUMERS (Forum guide)

    this place is a help desk where youll obviously get help.
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    movie review!!

    the black phone (the movie) was dogshit! even more dogshit than the blatant modules not getting updated
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    bypassing a ss on mmc turns me on
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    breaking my nda(non disclosure agreement)

    manthe is a ㅤnㅤiㅤgㅤgㅤeㅤrㅤ i have PROOF 1. manthes skin is black
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    the fps mod in vapes legit mods looks like badlions one. sus!!!!!!!! exposedddd/
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    sike nigga ff nigga how hard grinch sim gotta be to cheat 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
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    hypixel is so retarded i lost my 3 bw ws and keep going on a losing streak due to obvious closeters or laggy faggot while i play ~60 ms
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    @Manthe read this. ok so minemen forums 🤯🤯
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    favorite AV

    comment the AV that you (the reader) is top of the line or even the “best”. AV = antivirus no, im not looking for suggestions.
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    any competent individuals before i leave the forums?
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    MAGA but MVFGA

    make vape forum great again.
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    [FORMAT] requesting settings

    server: ping: levels(e.g. closet, semi blatant, blatant) list of modules(e.g. autoclicker, velocity, reach, etc)
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    this is for vox

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    it has come to my attention

    it has come to my attention that i need attention, so give me attention. thanks!
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    this is fucked

    vox gets banned for black penis signature, but susmommyellie doesnt for 2 lolis naked(porn).
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    MUST read

    admins are demisexual, dreamgender, antifatphobic, non-racist, gender fluid, questionable gender. (no hate to admins btw) LIKE if agree!
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    nice try, pussy.
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    why to be to happy

    except for no. 0