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  1. Manthe

    There is no official Vape Discord server

    We do not operate any Discord server for Vape. The reason being Discord does not allow servers associated with hacks/cheating under their community guidelines. We are also in no way affiliated with any 3rd party/unofficial Discord server for Vape. We do not endorse or have association with any...
  2. Manthe

    Vape Bug Report Thread

    I am re-creating this thread again in order to allow bug reports outside of just Vape V3(i.e. Vape Lite). You may only post ONE BUG PER POST, you may double post if you have more than one bug. Please only post actual bugs. A bug is something that causes unexpected or unintended behavior...
  3. Manthe

    Testers needed

    I need a few people to test out a new feature in Vape Lite. People with older computers, or with low end or integrated graphics cards are more preferable, as well as with older windows versions. If you'd like to test just submit a contact form here with the following information...
  4. Manthe

    This forum is not a help desk

    We do not provide support over the forums. To get into contact with us for assistance with anything, submit a contact form at: Please do not ask for assistance here. We may from time to time answer questions on the forums, but do not expect us to. Members of the community...
  5. Manthe

    Forum Rules

    Nothing illegal according to United States law Don't post porn/gore (neither media or text related) No abusing text formatting to increase message or signature size No threatening, suicide encouragement, etc(even if it's intended as a joke) No gravedigging/necroposting You can be toxic but if...
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