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    Config Issue lol
  2. Manthe

    Legit Mod Suggestions

    Which specific customization options for example?
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    Hot and sticky, like my balls

    Hot and sticky, like my balls
  4. Manthe

    Vape Tweaker

    I don’t think anyone is going to get banned from anything. I have no idea what it is or does but I’m not against the idea of community driven features, it’s our fault for not having some sort of public api. With that being said anything like that can easily be malicious or not even real, I have...
  5. Manthe

    Difference between NoClickDelay & MouseDelayFix?

    If you're clicking and don't hit anything anything(click at air), your ability to click is delayed. Your CPS is essentially capped for a few seconds. This is a vanilla Minecraft mechanic, the NoClickDelay mod removes this. On 1.8 Minecraft what you're aiming at lags behind what your cursor is...
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    Late to the party I see

    Late to the party I see
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    What is the best ghost client rn?

    Reach is reach, servers detect it by measuring distances on attacks. There’s no such thing as a “better working” reach, except compared to a reach that isn’t done properly to begin with. You may be able to temporarily trick an anticheat to allow for more reach, either by something specifically...
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    Hit-Selecting Feature Addition

    How is it any different besides what you mentioned?
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    It's Impossible to Use Vape on MMC

    Just to clarify, it does not. Vape treats mmc like any other server, and mmc treats vape like any other client. There is no functional link between the two whatsoever.
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    bed aura?
  11. Manthe

    bed aura?

    Most servers block it unless the bed is exposed
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    Anti bot for speed?

    Anti bot for speed?
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    Vape team

    Private message it
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    Vape team

    What email did you contact from?
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    Toy chica

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    Is this actually true

    We don’t watch what you’re doing on your computer and we certainly don’t have the ability to see that while it’s running. If you think we’re sending information about what you’re doing on your computer while vape is open, you can see via process hacker or whatever that there are no remote...
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    No wights allowed

    No wights allowed
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    -500 social credit score
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    Manthe read this please

    Charge your phone
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