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    throwpot (soup) on lunar

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    Velocity only on melee hit

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    I really need help.
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    Make it so you can't reply to threads that are 90+ days old

    Wow permanent ban again, that was record timing..
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    ??? It doesn’t? That might just be a visual bug..?
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    What HUD? There is multiple... If you are referring to the main GUI press right shift.
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    another suggestion vape v4

    How can you be sure? It's just an example, a lot of content creators use that for their outro (not nico is one)
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    another suggestion vape v4

    I'm bumping this again because I like the idea, I also did this in photoshop: I'm not an artist but something like that (which would look better ofc) would actually be really cool @Manthe consider this.
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    Vape Bug Report Thread

    Vape edition(Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc), and Minecraft version(1.7, 1.8, etc): V4 & 1.8.9 Forge Brief description of the bug: The position of HUD mods (in the legit mod menu) reset upon opening it again. How to reproduce the bug: Open the legit mod menu, enable keystrokes, coords, or any other...
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    Banned on Lunar

    You were either banned for w tap, a mod checked your logs for auto clicker, or you were falsely banned. You were probably falsely banned since lunar does have a reputation for having incompetent staff and false bans aren’t unheard of.
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    another suggestion vape v4

    They aren’t referring to the module, they’re talking about the app in general. There isn’t anything special about it, in fact I actually prefer YouTube since there is some underrated music / unreleased songs that Spotify doesn’t have. Spotify is popular simply because people made it that way.
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    Legit Mod Suggestions

    Text shadow, remove background (I know this is an option for some but not all) color, size, etc. I’ll send a screenshot of some stuff lunar has, that’s what I’m thinking.
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    Legit Mod Suggestions

    I mean, I don’t think the identity of it will change over these features as it would be the same as any other legit mods already added. As for Spotify integration, it’s basically just a tab that allows you to control Spotify without having to tab out of the game, considering that 80% or more of...
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    WELCOME NEW FORUMERS (Forum guide)
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    It’s safe, it just presses right click, that’s not detectable.
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    Legit Mod Suggestions

    Alright, what about people that use the Vanilla version of Minecraft? Since Vanilla has the best stability with the client. This wouldn’t change, still known as a client. Yes pretty much, similar to my first point.
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    Legit Mod Suggestions

    The questions doesn’t make sense, I wouldn’t suggest it if I had any negative stance towards it lol