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  1. JSPeg8

    Poll 20 - abortion

    hey i dont mean to bring politics in here but I gotta know bro
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    the scoreboard thing already exists you blind retard kys
  3. JSPeg8

    Pc died black screen

    are you autistic the reason ur pc is black screening is because u are trying to run a 32 bit game on a complete sack of shit for a pc try buying an actual computer you fucking broke sad LOSER
  4. JSPeg8

    Vape on 1.19?

  5. JSPeg8

    Hypixel setting

    weather 3.7 and 50% is noticeable or not it doesnt change the fact that like 90% of really good players on hypixel cheat. staff do not actively check reports and atlas will only get you banned if you use killaura speed fly or bednuker and MAYBE hitboxes if you drag it too high. nothing else i...
  6. JSPeg8

    Hypixel setting

    3.25 reach on 100ms??? what is wrong with you what are you gonna hit with 3.25 on hypixel? nothing. the only thing youll hit is children just drag everything to the max staff dont analyze every hit to check if youre legit
  7. JSPeg8

    Hypixel setting

    any autoclicker 3.4 - 3.7 reach and 50% on horizontal velocity and you can use any aim assist. hitboxes can be put on like .3 if you want for better hits and you can set fastplace + legit scaffold to any delay
  8. JSPeg8

    Hypixel setting

    he asked for hypixel settings not pvpland settings stop giving out ur dogshit config you fucking loser you are actually so retarded that i think im starting to contract ur autism
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  10. JSPeg8

    ok ‘god of graves’

    ok ‘god of graves’
  11. JSPeg8

    I got banned using vape lite on an alt - need advice

    he was banned because a file was deleted how would the launcher matter in that case you fucking idiot
  12. JSPeg8

    I really need help.

    do u not see the “launch issues” option you blind mother ducker kys
  13. JSPeg8

    AutoBlock nowslowdown ?

    you can probably do it if you werent a fat spastic cunt that posts dogshit settings
  14. JSPeg8

    if ur post on my profile is the last time you will ever speak on here, just know that we made...

    if ur post on my profile is the last time you will ever speak on here, just know that we made the most memorable piece of history in this hellhole. our 6 months of rein was better than nyors entire 2 years trolling on here and we didnt even get banned lol (or well ig u did that 1 time but...
  15. JSPeg8

    how come you keep locking threads but you cant LOCK yourself any hoes?

    how come you keep locking threads but you cant LOCK yourself any hoes?
  16. JSPeg8

    how to save vape v4 profiles

    ok, i was initially gonna troll u but ill try to be helpful 1 time. go into general settings and disable the auto save function thing then you should see the save button
  17. JSPeg8

    how to save vape v4 profiles

    just press the save button lol
  18. JSPeg8

    Please help.

    motherfucker do we look like the support team for u? there is a link for that also u wont get any useful answers from the retards that waste time on here alternatively you could try to keep yourself safe (kys)
  19. JSPeg8

    another suggestion vape v4

    nah why dont u shut ur dumbass up "andrew" actually nah, maybe i shouldnt roast you bcz of ur name. literally a walking L right here ladies and gentlemen.
  20. JSPeg8

    Linda's Hypixel Settings [V4, 120ms, Legit]

    there isnt any bigger crime than posting smth like this you have probably brought the autism levels of many users on here higher posting this