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    Will Vape get me banned from Lunar Client?

    This announcement should serve as a reminder that any third-party programs that modify Lunar Client, distribute our code, or unlock cosmetics/emotes are strictly prohibited. The first program we are blocking is LCProxy. Anyone who uses LCProxy from here on out will have their accounts...
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    question abt W-tap

    is the "delay" in v4 the same as the "press delay" in lite?
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    I designed a Vape V5 Injecting mockup!

    I am new to graphic designing, let me know what you guys think.
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    Denicker ;)

    Hypixel API flawed baby! denicker kinda sick
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    can i bind a module to multiple keys?

    ^ title
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    Multi macros

    so basically i have a macro that throws eggs for me, in skywars your main projectiles are eggs and snowballs, i want to be able to add 2 macros for snow ball and eggs same key, D:
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    reworked W-tap

    I Use V4 for Hypixel & I use another client for PotPvP servers like mmc & Lunar (Antic) If you are going to tell me to just learn to w-tap myself, you can stop reading this post, I know learning to legit w-tap is better and it gives you more control, but at the end of the day imo I would choose...
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    auto ladder clutch with blocks

    4:57 seconds, that thing
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    does auto armor bypass on hypixel?

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    Smart W-TAP

    whiteout client has this and it is OP :3 pls add k thx bye
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    blocks suggestion for macro's

    basically this would make it so that you can just enter the world blocks or wool, and the macro would work with all the blocks in the game or every type of wool in the game, this would help with block clutches in bw / sw :)
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    CPS option for fastplace

    a cps option for fastplace would be p cool, fastplace with 0 delay is too fast for breezily/god bridging, sometimes makes ur blocks disappear faspltace set to 1 delay is too slow sometimes it misses, i think a cps option would be pretty cool, with a high range upto like 40 cps maybe? because...
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    Macros work different in Forge compared to BLC & Lunar

    so i have a macro for fishing rods simple macro that shoots it when i bound this macro to a MOUSE BUTTON in BLC i can click the macro while autoclicking and it would shoot the rod BUT when i am in forge when i click the macro button on my mouse while autoclicking nothing happens :(
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    Guess The Build Solver

    Hypixel has a game called Guess the Build basically 10 rounds and each player gets a chance to build a certain theme , on your screen you get hints for example if the theme was computer you will see something like co___ter and you can fill in the blanks and guess the word.. there is already a...
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    can i use disable click delay option on mmc?

    ^ title
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    beaner net

    is beaner net detectable on hypixel? / any other server i get around 20 ms so if i use beaner net can i get like 150 ms? so i can use a bit more blatant modules? or is that now how it works??
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    dumb question.

    sorry if this is a dumb question, but for example if i expand my hitboxes by 0.25 does that also give me a 0.25 reach advantage?