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  1. Veraux

    Emoji text converter thing

    Have an option to turn off the converter thing so you can type “: )” without it turning into “:)”, for example. It’s a little annoying sometimes. If this is already a thing and I just haven’t found it, let me know. Thanks
  2. Veraux

    Ban request

    I try not to do ban request posts cause I think they’re over done, but @Koraa needs to be banned right now. I’d recommend not viewing that profile of you don’t want to see pornographic stuff. Sorry for the ping, but @Manthe
  3. Veraux

    New reaction thing?

    It’s called Archybot I think, just noticed it. I’m assuming it’s new, not sure what purpose it servers, but yeah lol. Someone reply so I can react with it to show what it is
  4. Veraux

    Korea being koraa

  5. Veraux

    This is my 1,000th message lol

    Yeah that’s cool I guess
  6. Veraux

    Block placement reach

    Idk I don’t code, I’m not sure if this is possible. I was just thinking about having extra reach for placing blocks/buckets. I’ve never seen anything like this in any client, but eh. I think it would be cool if it’s possible to do
  7. Veraux

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope you all have a great day! Make sure to tell your family and friends you appreciate them!
  8. Veraux

    Another reminder to stay legit and not vape

  9. Veraux

    Manthe what’s this lol?

    @Manthe is this yours lol?
  10. Veraux

    Ban request

    Please ban @flora19, nude pfp and advertising sketchy links for sex with females @Manthe
  11. Veraux

    Reminder to stay legit

  12. Veraux


    Anyone heard of llithium client? its external and looks pretty good. I've heard its an icetea skid though, anyone know anything about it?
  13. Veraux

    50% and 50%

    keep the poll at 50% lol
  14. Veraux


    Alright it’s been a joke on this forum for a little that deleting system32 will allow you to inject vape into lunar. I think we underestimated the stupidity of the children on these forums and they are actually trying to delete it. Thank goodness it doesn’t allow you to and is a difficult and...
  15. Veraux

    vApE lItE dEtEcTeD!/!?/!1

    I used 20 cps left clicker with 20% vertical velocity and 4.3 blcok reach and i got BANNED on minemenclub, this is outragus because i used my mommys credit card and spent 60 dollars on my vape and I got bAnNeD. i wAnT a rEfUnD rN !1!!
  16. Veraux

    aRe mY sEtTiNgS sAfE

    All you hypixel nons wondering if your settings are safe, check out this post on r/ghostclient You’re welcome.
  17. Veraux

    lUnAr sUpPoRt

    Go and downvote this retards post on reddit please and thank you
  18. Veraux


    This is just me thinking out loud, probably won't be added but I just thought i'd share it. If the timer module speeds up your game, even slightly, it gives you that advantage. What if there is a situation when you want it to slow down? Like if you're playing bedwars and get yeeted into the sky...
  19. Veraux

    Vape V4 vs Lite

    I was wondering if there is any difference between v4 and lite, detectability wise. Is the only difference in screenshares, or is vape lites modules slightly different? I have both, but im just wondering which is best without factoring in screensharing
  20. Veraux

    Vape injects into among us?

    There should make vape inject into among us because that would be cool.