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    The human brain has about 100 billion cells, so that would mean you have lost .000000003% of your brain.
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    Welcome back!

    Welcome back!
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    Can't find one thing in esp.

    I don’t think that’s a feature in vape, and if it is then its forge only
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    what is it like being screenshared?

    Cheating won’t ever be allowed lol
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    Auto-Clicker, Velocity, and Reach Settings.

    Yeah that’s it, it just delays how long it takes for the velocity to take. It helps bypass anticheats, and it kinda helps look more legit in fights imo. Some may disagree, but i use 3-5 tick delay
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    Auto-Clicker, Velocity, and Reach Settings.

    Misplace uses the minimum slider, so you would want it set at 3.1-3.2 or 3.2-3.2 for misplace to take effect tick delay makes it look more legit, personal preference I guess overall solid settings, good explanations and reasoning. Good work dude
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    antaybot otocliker

    If you don’t hit it, you’ll be fine. It’s just checking for killaura
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    Vape Forums Would You Rather

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    Oh shoot I didn’t realize either
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    Lol he got banned

    It’s not, I’m laughing at the joke and the whole situation, not specifically about the death of a figurative dog. It’s not supposed to be super deep idk
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    Lol he got banned

    Oh ok
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    Lol he got banned

    Am I supposed to say “lol” instead?
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    Lol he got banned

    Yeah, but it’s still sad to think about haha
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    Lol he got banned

    haha thats actually really funny but sad
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    whiteout has this and its nice for bypassing, +1
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    What is your skin color?

    Uh thats an interesting perspective on things
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    I need help lol

    Imagine ghost cheating 🤡
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    Ban request