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    Add Patchcrumbs

    Tbh I know hella facs people who would buy vape if u had patchcrumbs/breadcrumbs added, it just helps u patch when getting raided and hella kids Ik would buy vape willingly if u had patchcrumbs.
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    Forge patchcrumbs

    By any chance does anyone have patchcrumbs/breadcrumbs for forge that actually work? Vape doesn’t inject into any launchers that have patchcrumbs so does anyone know working patchcrumbs for forge? I’ve tried facutils etc none of that stuff works.
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    I need a client I can inject vapev4 into and has patch/breadcrumbs for factions. Plz tell me which client I can inject into to patch and defend my base.
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    Can you inject on crystal launcher??

    Title^^^ If so please tell me how to
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    Best clients for VAPEv4

    So I mostly play factions and I need a client that has patchcrumbs and that I can also inject into. Patchcrumbs is for raiding this n that, do any of y’all know any clients that has patchcrumbs that I can inject into? Like maybe falcon or orbit idk if you can inject in them though. I have vapev4
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    playing factions right now looking to see if anyone knows any dupes or can come up with some it''ll be worth ur while, kids have been duping millions in value for maps and just now finally got caught so i know there are some. Anyone know any if you respond with one ill delete the thread etc so...
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    What settings can I use for a server thats got NoCheatPlus

    I got vapev4 and use it on the archon but I always get kicked every 2 seconds, they use nocheatplus so what reach/aim assist settings could I use that won't get me kicked? Ik its stupid but everyone hacks on the server and they legit don't get kicked so I'm curious.