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  1. Not Manthe

    can me and someone in my house on different pcs use the same vape account and use vape lite?

    Yes, multiple computers will have different external IP Addresses. Why on earth would you use the local ip instead of the external one for some service like vape
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    How To Fix

    Oh great, there's that unfunny and overused joke again
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    I searched a bit on the internet to find out what the heck is PojavLauncher and from what I see it is an android application that allows you to run Minecraft Java Edition on your cell phone. And because Vape is in .exe this means that you will not be able to use vape in PojavLaucher (because...
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    Wtf bruh?
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    vape lite worth it?

  6. Not Manthe

    Banned on hypixel for being stupid

    Manthe is not real 🦘
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    pls buy me vape D:

    "Your LeagueOfLegends account was successfully created"
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    Vape Injection

    All right. VapeV4 can only be injected in 1.7.10 Forge, 1.8.9 Forge + Vanilla and 1.12.2 Forge
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    Vape Injection

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    vape not working

  12. Not Manthe

    Vape Bug Report Thread

    Vape edition and MC: VapeLite on Minecraft 1.8.9 Forge Brief description of the bug: The new ESP Fill Opacity setting is not saved in the cloud when synchronizing. How to reproduce the bug: Change the opacity value, save to the cloud, SelfDestruct, reinject and the opacity will remain at its...
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    [Vape Lite] [Vape V4] Autoclicker - 1.9 Cooldown

    Just use autoclicker with 2cps
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    Yep, vape lite

    Yep, vape lite
  15. Not Manthe

    how do I place specific values ?

    Te recomiendo escribir en inglés si buscas ayuda aquí. O tendrás mucha probabilidad de ser ignorado.
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    Buy Vape Client with btc

    Go to and select "Alternative Payments"