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  1. Tryehard

    i need help with my pc

    i have a bad pc can someone help me?> I wanna know if gtx 1650 LP will work for me or not
  2. Tryehard


    I was vaping on hypixel yesterday and my eyes went into the webcam.. The thing is... I saw manthe dancing on his bed on gangnam style song. Is it the new update?
  3. Tryehard

    yo i got a question

    ^ any way to use lunar client or other client with a new minecraft acc with microsoft email?
  4. Tryehard


    so i think this aint bannable.. I heard some people's game crashes while using vape lite comp mode. Is it vape or is it the game? I use autoclicker, aimassist, reach, scaffold. When i get a kill / get killed, i crash wtf ik many people have this, anyone knwos how to fix?
  5. Tryehard

    help i need something.

    Does someone know any double clickers? I cant buy glock sheild : ( I am sure Manthe wont add doubleclicker on vape (80% sure)
  6. Tryehard

    Double clicker.

    Manthe should add double clicker on vape lite and vape v4. I wanna double click on other clients but you see.. I cant buy glock sheild with another 10$ it would be great if manthe adds a double clicker so we can click over it and get high cps.
  7. Tryehard

    vape lite

    So.. Many ppl play minecraft on fullscreen mode. But when i use vape lite with lunar client on fullscreen with autoclicker and bind it to "V" and when i am tryna play bedwars right? I cant toggle the autoclicker off by clicking my bind when i am on fullscreen. Its not only for lunar, vape...
  8. Tryehard

    bruh scam

    Alrighty folks, @Manthe should make @rofl a staff member, here is why.. Ik that manthe doesnt need that much staff rn but look... I made alot of "emails" for support on vape but they havent answered me a single time "except the bot" and rofl is so active, he should get staff and get the perms...
  9. Tryehard


    guys, i heard that blc is gonna be "injection proof" i know ppl will be saying "buy cheats that support fking badlion client" but bruh wait.. Vape is the best client and some ppl enjoy on clients like blc and others and i rly wanna use blc and some ppl do too. People have wrong thinking about...
  10. Tryehard


    wtf is this?
  11. Tryehard

    look or gay

  12. Tryehard


    this and this same???
  13. Tryehard


  14. Tryehard

    Click sound for autoclicker.

    So vape got misplace for both casual cheaters and youtubers, got vape lite for closet cheaters and "legit" cheaters but they still need click sound for autoclicker. People keep saying "Get some random soundclicker from market and use it." But vape's autoclicker is kinda smooth then others in my...
  15. Tryehard

    Question about misplace.

    Does vertical check, only while sprinting, disable while on water works on misplace? please answer all the things cause i wanna know if it works on misplace or not?
  16. Tryehard

    Never Gonna Give You Up

    We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I
  17. Tryehard

    vape watermark "texture pack"

    So i have seen MCPE "minecraft bedrock / pocket edition" players make "vape client (fake hacks)" texture pack can we make a java pack (1.8.9) pvp texture pack with vape watermark with it ? just like vape? I wanna troll my ppl "actually without using vape" lmfao
  18. Tryehard

    Clicking over autoclicker.

    can someone give me some settings that I can click over autoclicker ( butterfly click) and get 15 cps. (btw i get 10 - 11 cps butterfly clicking legit) pls help me I wanna click over autoclicker, its just my personal opinion but just autoclicking feels like my hits are not reg ing and I wanna...
  19. Tryehard

    pls help

    before u call me "noOb wTaP uR sELf" i am noob and lazy pls help pls tell me some "blatant / sweaty" w taps settings pls i need bedwars leaderboard. "undetectable" pls i have reach 3.22 i use like 3.1 mostly. pls tell me some sweaty delay for w tap
  20. Tryehard

    settings plz

    yo tell me settings to be this good plz