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    Banned from Universocraft

    I haven't played many matches on mmc but definitely a couple using 100-100 no issues was some weeks ago though for other anticheats idk don't think I've played on any server using polar
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    Banned from Universocraft

    3.01 reach can even be detected these days I just like using backtrack personally never had issues with it but others say it gets them banned never happened to me so far though
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    Vape RIP RAM

    Not playing on a laptop
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    hypixel velo and reach

    1. Ask for settings 2. Receive settings 3. Ask again for settings after receiving them 4. ??????????????????
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    will there be 1.18?

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    blatant killaura on vape v4

    It's blatant aura it's not made to bypass, it doesn't even rotate serverside
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    Improve the safewalk

    Name fits or something along those lines
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    most legit looking silent aura settings

    Probably less aim speed the less blatant but I got staffed once probably because it kept switching targets
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    Like shown in the video where they just set all motion to 0 is definitely detactable by acs like grim but simulating keypresses wouldn't be
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    Can do a faststop that presses the opposite key to stop faster shouldn't be detectable (still no idea why anyone wants this feature though)
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    Hypixel Wtap settings 100-120ms

    The ones that feel the best for you
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    Buy me vape v4 perm

    Wait people are unironically poor? gg
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    Is silent aura mainsafe

    3rd person perspective it doesn't look that weird but 1st person can be very sus
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    Is silent aura mainsafe

    It can look sus when fighting multiple people has gotten me banned on pit
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    backtrack is legit?

    Since when can acs detect backtrack (and not false, but maybe that's what mmc does it's mmc after all)
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    vape watermark "texture pack"

    I think this is the biggest necropost I've seen so far
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    silentaura vs ac, velo(hypixel main 150ms)

    You know someone said smth stupid when they have to delete it lmao