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  1. Sulfux_

    MMC Settings vape v4

    For your SilentAura, what is your config for that?
  2. Sulfux_

    BLC vape injection

    Disable FPS Boost in betterframe and enable the debug mod in setting of the launcher.
  3. Sulfux_

    Vape Lite on Badlion Client

    Ok ty, i go try that when i at my home.
  4. Sulfux_

    Vape Lite on Badlion Client

    好吧,但问题是当我关闭Vape Lite时,游戏也在那一刻崩溃了。
  5. Sulfux_

    Tracer for StorageESP / ChestESP

    Hey everyone ! I have a suggestion for a new option in Vape Lite / Vape V4, it's a tracer for the StorageESP / ChestESP. Actually, he don't have tracer for find StorageESP / ChestESP. For my opinion, it's a good suggestion for that. 😁
  6. Sulfux_

    Vape Lite on Badlion Client

    Hey everyone ! I have a problem with Vape Lite on Badlion Client. When i inject Vape Lite on Badlion Client, sometime he crash. When he didn't crash, when i self destruct Vape Lite (close the VapeLite), Badlion he crash. Thanks you for your help, Sulfux_
  7. Sulfux_

    Self Destruct

    Yes, but for bypass ss, the best is Vape Lite
  8. Sulfux_

    Vape V4 .dll

    I would like to know how to convert Vape V4 to a .dll file to inject it with ProcessHacker. By doing this method, Vape V4 will be even harder to find and won't leave any logs. If someone could help me convert VapeV4.exe to VapeV4.dll, that would be great.
  9. Sulfux_

    selfdestruct on vapev4

    I don't find a UnInject in Vape Settings...