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  1. assentra

    What banned me here on hypixel?

    Reach probably
  2. assentra

    I can't see skins in hypixel

    Without vape,do u see skins?
  3. assentra

    Is reach safe to use on hypixel?

    You can get ghost hit,because ur ping so high
  4. assentra

    Is reach safe to use on hypixel?

  5. assentra

    Best hypixel jump reset velocity settings

    Hm,in my opinion better use default velocity than jump reset
  6. assentra

    Add vape support for Minecraft pocket edition

    cheats versus mobile players with 20fps and fps drops,it's insane
  7. assentra

    Is silent Aura supposed to do this?

    idk sure,but head strangely follows the enemy,and u can get staffed
  8. assentra

    Hypixel Clutch Settings

    Clutch only save u for 1-3 blocks
  9. assentra

    Improve the safewalk

    Use scaffold
  10. assentra

    rage cfg mmc pls

    Open config menu,and write mmc blatant.
  11. assentra

    Add custom visuals

    Screenshot(I forgot.add sry)
  12. assentra

    Add custom visuals

    My idea it's add more customizing,like a TracePlayer, Jump Circles,Particles. Screenshot below
  13. assentra

    Gifting Vape

    good idea. but I'm think what better write email,and there friend get link for activation vape
  14. assentra

    Custom Cape

    im think can add settings like a "Show for everyone" "Only for Friends" "Don't show cape for friend(only you can see cape)"
  15. assentra

    Custom Cape

    was be interested if capes will be visible for all vape users,even if they don't added to friends
  16. assentra

    can i give my vape client so he can buy vape client for me

    somebody ran his face through the keyboard
  17. assentra

    Suggestions on what to use

    but if u have ping 250 or more,it's really op) but with low ping no
  18. assentra