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  1. meowmeow

    Improve the safewalk

    Yea who knows I haven't tried so I can't say for watchdog specifically.
  2. meowmeow

    Improve the safewalk

    I don't think so because you'll still do the same stuff just send packets slower. Same reason why speed won't bypass anticheats even if you use low timer. You'll have to slow down legit ways such as godbridge scaffold mode which slows you down by releasing movement keys or breezily bridge...
  3. meowmeow

    External esp vape lite
  4. meowmeow

    Banned on pika

    Pika falses a decent amount and is quite sensitive (hence why the bans are 1hr), lower autoclicker cps and replace fastplace with rightclicker.
  5. meowmeow

    WTap disabled on teammates

    Wtap (at least in v4 idk if lite added this yet) has a select hits option which should do that. And the predict blockhit won't block if someone is running away etc either.
  6. meowmeow

    Is silent Aura supposed to do this?

    Yeah, I think he has a closet config with silentaura.
  7. meowmeow

    Is silent Aura supposed to do this?

    That's the point of aura it will aim serverside towards enemies, if you go to vape settings > silent aim, you can turn on 3rd person view to see how it aims serverside when you're in third person.
  8. meowmeow

    Checks to Timer

    Timer is inherently detectable regardless of what you do, sure you can add a bunch of conditionals and stuff to bypass certain anticheats but that only works because those anticheats disable certain checks during certain events, such as taking damage. It's just a temporary bypass, it can be...
  9. meowmeow


    Yeah I can actually see a legit "faststop" being useful by just pressing movement keys.
  10. meowmeow

    Improve the safewalk

    Has to do with the acceleration or something I forgot but vape is a simple safewalk meanwhile updated blatant clients have one that "fixes" that for Hypixel.
  11. meowmeow

    Silent scaffold

    It is planned.
  12. meowmeow

    HurtTime Blockhit

    Yep +1
  13. meowmeow

    Allow vape’s users to download all versions from vape v4 from changelog

    It has been suggested before. At the moment you can access V3 and V2 though, just not older V4 versions.
  14. meowmeow

    Hypixel AntiFireball Settings?

    No settings will get you anticheat banned, if you want to use it for closet cheating just use 120 angle like pogama said & you can use 10 aim speed + silent aim if you want (or the other settings). Also make sure your movement is at proper in vape settings, avoids it looking weird.
  15. meowmeow

    Gifting Vape

    Oh yeah, forgot about that.
  16. meowmeow

    Gifting Vape

    Keys for it yeah
  17. meowmeow

    silentaura vs ac, velo(hypixel main 150ms)

    I can't say its bad but if you want to blatant cheat there are better clients, if you want to closet cheat then vape v4 is a lot better.
  18. meowmeow

    are there any ways to set reach in v4 to 200 blocks?

    Its the same thing & the only way (99% sure) to get "infinite" reach. I remember using reach above 6 blocks years and years ago & it didn't behave like regular reach behaved. The only way to attack someone above 6 blocks without tp aura (3 if through blocks) in vanilla is to either use a plugin...
  19. meowmeow

    Suggestions on what to use

    Ima be real if you get 30 ms you should stick to the classic closet stuff like aimassist & autoclicker, maybe jump reset velocity if you want. You already have an advantage with that ping.
  20. meowmeow

    Text Gui REVAMP!

    Well the default font will use the font of whatever pack you use.