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    More options for Fakelag

    1+ would be nice in W tap as well
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    More options for Fakelag

    cant you, if its on every hit like the fakelag does?
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    Vape 1.20

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    360 module rly cool

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    Velocity, Keepsprint and WTap

    1- 1+ 2- 1+ very useful since you can have keepsprint but with default slowing [just to keep sprint] 3- 1+ w tap needs a big rework imo
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    Silent Aura Module Sub Setting {Priority for bed breaking/blocks breaking like auto clicker}

    use teams by server/color in vape settings
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    salfwalk mode in clutch

    option to toggle salfwalk after clutch activates
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    horizontal/vertical aim modes in silent aura

    the up/down rotations are incredible blatant
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    Only on sneaking autotool

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    clicking with hit select

    should i only use hitselect with autoclicker? or will it help me click too
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    longjump in speed?

    i used longjump on a few servers, but now its removed. maybe it could be added as a speed setting?
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    1.20.2 when?

    1.19 would hopefully work too if they made it for 1.20
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    anyone gottened banned for new silent aura?

    ive used it on blocksmc since the update, even when it looked buggy. no bans, just watch for staff
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    1.20.2 when?

    better with vape v4
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    1.20.2 when?

    if its possible v4 should be added to the newest possible version, forge or maybe fabric?
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    Add item saver to auto tool

    i elaborated a bit more, seen as no one has a clue what i mean
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    Add item saver to auto tool

    im always breaking my tools and this would be crazy helpful in v4 [module that switches to a different slot before your tools break]
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    fix low damage

    you must be on a 1.9 server, try launching 1.12.2 and use vape on that
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    Reach increased from 6 blocks maximum to 4 blocks maximum

    because if you want to be more blatant you might as well use the new aura instead
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