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    Wondering Why I got banned hypixel

    Around 10 months ago I was banned on hypixel for cheating (1 year ban) and with the ban coming to an end soon I want to make sure it doesn't become a perma. Prior to the ban, I hadn't played Minecraft in like 2 months so I kept my settings the same. But when I came back to play on the hypixel...
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    Badlion Injection not working

    was there an update to badlion or smthn? Tried multiple times and injection into badlion client doesn't work. right as vape finishes injecting into badlion and loads, the minecraft tab becomes all white and i cant do anything
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    what angle is recomended for safe, and is 3.0 for attack speed range and swing range ok?
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    Killaura settings

    what is the difference between normal and silent? is normal not safe anymore?
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    Killaura settings

    For hypixel (hypixel pit) I was wondering which was safer, the normal or the silent aura and what settings would be best to go more undetectable. These are my settings right now: Normal Mode, Ignore: none, attacks per second 6-10, swinge range 3, attack range 3, max angle 55, target mode-...
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    So if i dont want to be blatant, should I use silent mode instead of normal now? Trying to use legit aura on the hypixel pit but idk which one is safe
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    60-80 Config

    looking for a safe 60-80 config for playing the pit. Also wondering if auto blocking is ok with auto clicker. So far i just use auto clicker 12-15 w autoblock, 3,0-3.1/2 reach, sprint. and most stuff from render. thanks
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    Injecting Vape not working 90% of the Time

    Ok I will try thanks. Also I loved your guide for the settings helped a lot
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    Injecting Vape not working 90% of the Time

    so I recently bought vape v4, and it works fine but I’ve been having trouble injecting it into lunar/badlion/normal Minecraft launcher as the vape client just goes to a white screen and freezes. Leaving me to restart whichever client I’m using as well as vape. It usually takes me like 5-10 tries...