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  1. D1wastaken

    Try without jumping lol

    Try without jumping lol
  2. D1wastaken

    Papara Card with 5sim {Not related to gaming}

    I came to know the prices for everything are very low in turkey . So I just searched up and came to know Papara card provides virtual card for free. I have got some money on 5sim website to buy a turkey number for Papara but when a good number comes {which is not registered already} I am still...
  3. D1wastaken

    Is just me or...

    Yes and imagine using legit features on alt to test their max
  4. D1wastaken

    For sure nigaa

    For sure nigaa
  5. D1wastaken

    Try with God briding then after sometime a staff would ban saying screenshare not allowed either...

    Try with God briding then after sometime a staff would ban saying screenshare not allowed either or using hacks for 30 daya
  6. D1wastaken

    Vape Giveaway

    Hope I win lol
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    banned the account?
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    Not till now even if u try to run u may face many issuses as not designed according to those mapping
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    Vape.GG Renamer (How to not get caught)

    you could just basically use the nick hider or name tag hider things to that it shows u as YOU and other players as player-1 or 2 or 13 something like that and if you are making videos dont forget to hide the game code which shows above the scorebaord in bedwars or other match its looks...
  10. D1wastaken

    Texturepack Compatibility

    Even there were some problems with shaders but they didnt meant to even reply for that so i dont think they going to fix and third party thing like texture packs and shaders causing issues.
  11. D1wastaken

    rightclicker whitelist

    you didnt reply that custom gui order suggestion i wanted to know if its possible
  12. D1wastaken

    just got banned, how do i get back on? (no security ban)

    just login to other alt with and alt manager and you should probably use a gaming vpn
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  14. D1wastaken

    Modules Gui order

    We are vape users bruhh
  15. D1wastaken

    i need a alt (im poor)

    The post to help me or gift me doesn't means scam. It's not scamming if ask someone if he could donate some money . Scam is what you do ask people for money to buy them something and blocks me then.
  16. D1wastaken

    i need a alt (im poor)

    LoL I didn't try to scam and you always say so . If you are really legit that show proof that I even scamed or tried to scam.
  17. D1wastaken

    Modules Gui order

    Reply lol @meowmeow
  18. D1wastaken

    Anti bot is wrong

    Yeah tab antibot would work for sure but sometimes they do appear in tab for a while won't they bypass them in this way the module must a specific period for checking up npc in tab