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    Vape v4 crashing with mods

    what mods do you use?
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    Confused About Temp and Watt Control.

    Hey guys, I've been timidly dipping my toes into the prosumer stage of vaping and I'm thinking of getting something highly powerful and versatile. My setup goal is pricey but it's one I think would both fit my needs and give me some room to play around with more advanced cloud chasing...
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    Batter Scaffld mode

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    Vape Lite ESP 2D External

    everyone knows your dumbass doesn't do shit except play alone, you're not streaming or recording, stfu
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    what should i do with my money

    i've got 100 euro, what should i buy with it
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    Anti sniper config

    keepsprint bypasses without flagging, 3.3-3.5 reach will get you banned through atlas on 50 ping
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    Anti sniper config

    hm, idk i wouldn' trust myself bc i didn't play hypixel for a while, but probably reach 3.05-3.2 would probably bypass on 50 ping, don't really know any settings for killaura
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    Best "Blatant" Client?

    bro lives in washington d.c.
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    Anti sniper config

    bro wants the mf to get banned
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    Best "Blatant" Client?

    there's literally rules, you basically broke the first rule 🤡
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    Best "Blatant" Client?

    yeah having rights must be boring
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    i've gotten used to it so i just shift myself but yeah +1
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    Sumo hypixel

    or what
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    chinga ching chonga chong
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    Sumo hypixel

    what is the point of playing sumo? everyone cheats in it with antiknockback, the highest streak i got was 73 then i got bhopped on, play minemen sumo, use some settings on here, there's lots of configs for minemen
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    your dead mother

    your dead mother
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    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc): Vape forums :trole: Suggestion Description: add an upvoting/downvoting system to suggestions so people don't necropost with "+1" Video Reference (Not required):
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    Triggerbot for 1.9+

    i already suggested that long time ago on an old account, never got added, i think the post doesn't even exist
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    Legit Config For Pika/Jartex

    why would you want to ghost on those servers, don't they use matrix? even akrien bypasses
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    question about suggestions

    idk probably was thinking about some other forum