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  1. pogama

    Keepsprint in air option

    We need a chance/speed retained slider for it too in that case
  2. pogama

    Help with Vape V4 Friends Module

    You can, just go to friends tab settings and find a bindable setting (not ping bind). Hover an enemy and press the bind you set earlier to add them as a friend.
  3. pogama


    It doesn't function like keepsprint but in terms of how it looks it's exactly like keepsprint.
  4. pogama

    Nametags External - Lunar

    Your GPU isn't supported for external nametags. You can probably contact support & they'll refund you if you'd like that.
  5. pogama

    Hit select Pause settings

    100% chance
  6. pogama


    Active still clicks server side & client side though, and even when you hit an enemy it won't slow you down at all, acting exactly like keepsprint but only while comboing people.
  7. pogama

    Vape Lite Not Inject

    Try redownloading. If that doesn't work then contact support
  8. pogama

    Vape vs Entropy

    Also their lag range (somehow) flags on mmc
  9. pogama

    Vape vs Entropy

    Yeah true but that's for both sides - none are completely unbiased. I'm not telling them to look at other people's opinions (that'd be a bit retarded) but the clients' features from vids and such so they can decide on which features they want more
  10. pogama

    Vape vs Entropy

    Both bypass the same, just differ in use case & their looks/visuals. I recommend watching a review on both clients and choosing which one you think would be the best for you.
  11. pogama

    Vape V4 1.8.9 version.

    It's pointless & most likely will make the client easier to crack.
  12. pogama


    That is a supported version for lite.
  13. pogama

    Add a blatand scaffold

  14. pogama

    Leaving / Quitting Forums + MC

    oh em ge it's nyor
  15. pogama

    Hitboxes on hypixel

    I use 18-22 with normal randomization (the hitreg thing is bs from what I tested) and I'm fine
  16. pogama

    Hitboxes on hypixel

    Use normal randomization with autoclicker, extra+ is a disadvantage on Hypixel.
  17. pogama


    There are 2 solutions: Go to settings, then modules and enable teams by color. If that doesn't work you can manually add them to minecraft friends.
  18. pogama


    cool thanks for possible new vid idea
  19. pogama

    ScrenShare Bypass

    If you did manage to bypass all of those then it's probably effective enough. Most screen share guides are now patched so just keep doing what you are doing right now.