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  1. mizou

    got banned for this

    really? 80? i feel like its the reach
  2. mizou

    got banned for this

    180 hypixel sorry forgot to add that lmao
  3. mizou

    got banned for this

    velo 80 100 100 0 tick only when targetting reach 3.3 - 3.4 ac 14.4 - 15.2 jitter break blocks inv fill right click 20.1 - 20.1 scaff 80 - 114 req sneak pitch - 45 idk either i finally got staffed banned cuz ive been using these settings for like a year no ban or if theres something i did here...
  4. mizou

    how do i get an account perm banned in hypixel

    thanks for all of your suggestions
  5. mizou

    how do i get an account perm banned in hypixel

    asking for a friend :)
  6. mizou

    just want opinions on my settings lol

    3.2 -3.3 reach velo 80 (sometimes 65 when i fight a really blatant cheater) but never really happens lol sprint ac 12 - 15 extra rand (i want the best hitreg) rc fastplace 1 im 250 ping lmk if theres like anything i can add that u think could better my pvp (sometimes playing legit is literally...
  7. mizou

    i love you

    i love you
  8. mizou

    The pros and cons of vape

  9. mizou

    MMC reach

    why am i -1 social credit ugh its that china boy that got offended with a joke
  10. mizou

    MMC reach

    if ur AS u can use 3.3 reach (only if u think ur in trouble so bind it) because there are no admins online there 💀if goawaynotgg is on then fuck reaching that rat checks logs i havent tried reaching on NA or EU so i cant really help you with that
  11. mizou

    I found a bug help me I can't fix it.

    i think i know what u're talking about, it only happens to me when i launch v4 on badlion everything glitches out, so if ur on blc u may have to switch to a diff client
  12. mizou

    sigh none of the chinese people get my jokes... tsao ni ma...

    sigh none of the chinese people get my jokes... tsao ni ma...
  13. mizou

    I accidentally turned on timer 1.07 for 5 mins before realising will I be banned? (Hypixel)

    right now its a gamble ig either they dont see it or they do in logs if wd hasnt found u yet theres a chance
  14. mizou

    i hate cheaters!

    i hate cheaters!
  15. mizou

    am new

    No! Work hard! Get Job! Buy Vape! Have Fun...
  16. mizou


    can u guys try playing as well? and tell me if u got banned or not if not then its my problem lol
  17. mizou


    nope fresh acc
  18. mizou


  19. mizou


    im getting banned for just reach (3.1 - 3.3) i didnt even do half a bedwars game and i got banned and my teammate got boosting banned no velo no nothing just reach and safe ac settings
  20. mizou

    config V4 MINEMEN

    nah hes right just bind reach when ur in a pickle ive been using it on an alt for 3+ weeks no ban (yet)