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    New Killaura Suggestion

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    give me shaidynn's cfg

    give me shaidynn's cfg
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    220-250ms Closet Cheating Config

    5000 horizontal speed
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    Does minemen club ip ban?

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    autoarmor and cheststeal

    100+ delays is ok
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    Autoclicker - Automatic Blockhit

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    My config good for hypixel uhc?

    in uhc u can use 3.5, 3.6 and more blatant settings. i toggle killaura on bhoppers unless u want to get on weekly monthly top 10 etc
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    New kb in Hypixel

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    I don't have the money to buy Vape, but I think I can get Vape by promoting Vape.

    how do u "promoting” vape by an air ver vape
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    Guiwow!你又在开纪 你在开纪你给我死!

    Translator: Guiwow! You're in Kaiji again, you're giving me death! ..?
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    Hypixel Aim Assist

    i use 15h 3v with 80fov, I think it's smooth and fast
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    Vape Reach Explanation

    so in tournament use 3.5 reach is safe?
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    meowmeow's BLATANT Hypixel Config (UPDATED 2023)

    for ghost config, I'm on 180-280ms , is that safe to use 3.5? I can almost win 80% of bedwars games with 3.5 but 3.4 can not.
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    Whats the lowest delay I can use without staff ban

    tf of this delay, i use 150ms
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    Reach Hypixel

    maybe 2.8-2.9 is best, i use that on my main