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    What vpn would you recommend I use? (hypixel)

    I do not really know anything about that, I just got reccomended the program by a friend and downloaded it.
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    Need help with config

    When people say a config is safe, they usually mean its unbannable, also you can literally have basically any aim assist setting and never get banned because its hardly noticable.
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    What vpn would you recommend I use? (hypixel)

    I use Mysterium and Vypr for hypixel, but I prefer Mysterium.
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    Does vape still inject on Lunar?

    Maybe I am doing something wrong, I just launch lunar, make it windowed and inject.
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    Does vape still inject on Lunar?

    I have not been able to inject vape into Lunar client recently using my normal method. Is injecting into Lunar still possible with vape? I might just be doing something wrong.
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    hitboxes and watchdog

    I mean I guess you can but at that point it is literally useless. Just use reach 3.1-3.3 if you want. Never use reach and hitboxes though.
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    Hypixel Config (My ping is 90-110ms)

    Could be, I have not tried it but I have never had any problems w 16-20 ac and I have never been banned on my main w these settings.
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    Hypixel Config (My ping is 90-110ms)

    AA- Any Reach- 3.0-3.2 AC- 16-20 Scaffold (legit)- 70-150ms Velo- 90h 100v 100c OR 80h 100v 80c Fastplace- delay 1 Config I use myself, never been banned for it and I have the same ping range as you, you can turn the reach up a bit if you want but I prefer these settings.
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    Is strafe safe to use on hypixel?

    What does strafe even do, I have had vape for over three years and I still have no idea what it does, maybe I am just braindamaged though.
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    Lunar Client

    I always have lunar on a small window when im injecting, it seems to work while its like that and fail when it is not, but that could just be me.
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    Best blatant client rn?

    I use vestige and that works very well on hypixel.
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    There is an anarchy gamemode but it basically has no ac on its standard gamemodes.
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    Would not reccomend it, I use 50-150 personally but I think thats a bit too safe, 75-120 should be good
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    Anyone want to HvH?

    Im bored, duel me on hypixel, im full blatant cheating My IGN is: AccountNo__001
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    Are these safe to use?

    Make the reach only while sprinting and optionally make it 3.1-3.4 if you want, all other settings are fine and you should not be banned
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    is reach 3.2 detectable on hypixel

    Hell, if you have high ping you can use 3.3-3.4
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    Legit Autoblock Option for LegitAura

    That is literally what autoblock is, if you want a more legit function just hold rightclick or press it manually.
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    anyone have safe hypixel bedwars settings for main account 150-160 ms (vape v4)

    I used fast place delay 0 on my main and it worked fine, haven't played minecraft in a while but here are some of the settings I used on my main (2 years no ban) Autoclicker 15-20 Reach 3.1-3.35 +0.05 for every 30ms ping above 100 Velocity H90 V100 C100 Scaffold legit 33-120 Aim Assist Speed H...
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    Good cheap autoclickers?

    Am retarded sorry
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    Good cheap autoclickers?

    I think PP clicker is supposed to be good but idk if the free version bypasses screenshare. Maybe the premium version does tho? Idk much about autoclickers so I might be wrong