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  1. Wisher


    hi someone explain the new modules in the update and tell me if they are detectable on hypixel ok thank you🙏
  2. Wisher

    enlighten me (jump reset)

    would staff ban it on hypixel, and is it better than normal velo for sumo and bw
  3. Wisher

    enlighten me (jump reset)

    would somebody please tell me what the jump reset module is, if it's safe for closet cheating, what it does, and what settings to use along with it ok ty love u
  4. Wisher

    Anticheat thing

    why are you arguing and writing a whole essay on a minecraft hack 😭
  5. Wisher


  6. Wisher

    Need settings for hypixel 200+ ping

    australia most likely
  7. Wisher

    competitive bans

  8. Wisher

    competitive bans

    how do competitive bans work
  9. Wisher


    i made a thread about ghast 2 years ago but there was some update recently 1. is it worth it using the free version (does it do anything) 2. assuming price doesn't matter, is buying lightning worth it 3. does the software even do anything or is it just placebo
  10. Wisher

    sumo ws config

    would i be staffed using your config you posted a few months ago for sumo (3.2-3.4, 80 100 100, 50-90ms)
  11. Wisher


    add the option to ignore teammates; i don't always need to know where my teammates are and it should not be hard to implement as vape already has the ability to distinguish teammates it would help to declutter when nametags is on and to simplify things
  12. Wisher

    Hypixel legit config

    ac: 12-16 or 16-20 fastplace: 1 because 0 glitches and 2 isn't fast enough aa: anything but don't go over 10 even though you can't get banned for it it looks blatant
  13. Wisher

    best vape bw settings

    this thread is 2 years old
  14. Wisher

    ban appeals on hypixel

    i toggled the ka for 10 seconds at the end of the game; got instabanned around 15 seconds later by staff before i toggled 3.35 reach and 85 velocity but was only in one fight and only hit a few times i was playing against rly annoying egirls who got like 20 people to report us and spam me i think
  15. Wisher

    ban appeals on hypixel

    i had aim assist on
  16. Wisher

    ban appeals on hypixel

    when i got banned i toggled normal ka with like 4.2 swing and 3.4 attack, the angle was like 120 but it doesn't look that suspicious in replays so idk wtf happened, i also got banned like 20 seconds after the game (my appeal also got denied)
  17. Wisher

    Hypixel Config June 2023 Any Ping

    yeah i know, i just don't understand how the hell the staff's brains work
  18. Wisher

    Hypixel Config June 2023 Any Ping

    idk but i got banned for using legit aura 3.3 for 10 seconds while it looking pretty legit
  19. Wisher

    Hypixel Config June 2023 Any Ping

    just cause you've used this for 4 months doesn't mean it wont ban, as soon as a staff sees you ur gonna get banned i'm just saying that to anyone reading this DONT USE THIS ON YOUR MAIN
  20. Wisher

    i met samthesweat in minecraft (not clickbait)