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  1. animosity

    is 4,2 reach safe for 250ms?

    It depends on the server. This one seems to be good.
  2. animosity

    Windows Defender sees vape lite as a virus, how do I fix that?

    Using the signed version makes it detectable in screenshares. If you want to permanently disable Windows Defender, you can lookup a video on youtube. When you're getting screenshared, it's a good idea to delete your Windows Defender history in case there are any alerts that give away your client.
  3. animosity

    Manthe Clicker bypass paladins?

    probably. doesn't lite bypass it too?
  4. animosity

    praying for lc bypass

    I bypassed. Anyone else banned while ONLY using mantheclicker?
  5. animosity

    I am going back to vape v3

    look it up on yt
  6. animosity

    Help please vape lite 2.15

    You just close the program and Shift+Delete the file.
  7. animosity

    praying for lc bypass

    everyone that uses mantheclicker on LC please pray below
  8. animosity

    Shift Click

    I think you can use Shift + Left Arrow/Arrow
  9. animosity

    Question about account sharing

    Bumping your own thread repeatedly and tagging the Admins won't help you. As multiple users have already told you, sharing your account in any way, shape, or form will get you a guaranteed ban if you are caught, even if the player you are sharing with already has purchased Vape. If you have...
  10. animosity

    Badlion Client

    This won't get added. Vape could get taken down if they specifically target certain clients. It's against the other client's TOS. Although Vape Lite or Vape v3 may work for other clients, it is not recommended and will never be supported.
  11. animosity

    Question about account sharing

    Even though the TOS doesn't specifically cover your question, you will get banned from Vape if you share your account and get caught. Even if the other person has bought Vape v3 and not Vape Lite.
  12. animosity

    Shift Click

    Assuming you are on Vape Lite, you use Ctrl + Click to type specific values. If you want to set the higher value, Ctrl + Click towards the right end of the slider. For the lower value, Ctrl + Click towards the left end of the slider.
  13. animosity

    Vape Lite

    Vape Lite isn't guaranteed to be screenshare-proof on any client other than Forge. If you want to test if it injects on another client, just launch the client and try to inject. Remember, cheat at your own risk on other launchers.
  14. animosity

    Does MantheClicker still bypass Lunar?

    It should work fine.
  15. animosity

    Vape V3 help

    Yup, Manthe Clicker is just an auto clicker created by Manthe, the owner of Vape. I'm not positive why you can't purchase a lifetime subscription but it probably has something to do with keeping detection methods limited. If a staff member gets vape lite indefinitely, they could search for new...
  16. animosity

    what is ms?

    The same way you would get a mod on any forge profile. Just look up "cps mod *minecraft version*" and find a download. How to download mods:
  17. animosity

    how can i hide vape lite from ss? This is a little more comprehensive if you're interested.
  18. animosity

    lunar client

    Will Manthe Clicker bypass Lunar waves?
  19. animosity

    Vape V3 help

    Also, manthe clicker is detectable in screenshares
  20. animosity

    what is ms?

    MS stands for milliseconds. In this case, it is the amount of delay between each click, measured in milliseconds. Just get a CPS mod and test around on a single player world.