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  1. kms

    [GUIDE] Staff detections

    like 2021 or smth
  2. kms

    coldpvp got hacked yesterday

    i play it to hvh my friend
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    Show Target on Kill Aura

    i already started using 4.11 because 4.12 nuked my blocksmc blatant config
  4. kms

    Using NameTags on Vape Lite crashes my game

    use lunar
  5. kms

    [GUIDE] Staff detections

    i used it in blocksmc once and everyone thought i was flying because i got like 4 kills per second
  6. kms

    Ignore Menu's (V4/Lite)

  7. kms

    [GUIDE] Staff detections

    what does transmission offset even do
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    the velo isnt safe but the silent aura should be
  9. kms

    SilentAura for Bedwars Hypixel

    for some reason any target mode but distance makes my hits not hit 90% of the time
  10. kms

    Any way to play with other vape users?

    i got some1 termed by saying they were underage and got termed like 2 days later i love angry 13 year olds i didnt even do anything term worthy
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    Chinese vaper is coming back!!!!!

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  13. kms

    murder finder nametag highlight

  14. kms

    auto lock

    i think he means autoblock
  15. kms

    Does any 1 have old vape with old ka?

    oh alr
  16. kms

    Please help me with this bug

    oh, i dont use win 11 so idk how to help
  17. kms

    Please help me with this bug

    gpu issue i think
  18. kms

    digital footprint

    hes harmless anyways lmao
  19. kms

    digital footprint

    he said he was gonna swat me
  20. kms

    Does any 1 have old vape with old ka?

    normal aura never had rotations yes