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  1. meowmeow

    Show Target on Kill Aura

    Do yk what anticheat they use?
  2. meowmeow

    [GUIDE] Staff detections

    This guide is meant for every server, some servers actually do ban for this.
  3. meowmeow

    0, 0 unpatched

    Air velo was a thing a while ago because vertical checks were disabled in air (since you're falling which changes vertical velocity) but im pretty sure that has been patched for a while. Are you sure rise still has that?
  4. meowmeow


    The aura is just use proper movement. For velo you can use jump reset but play around with the chance.
  5. meowmeow

    [GUIDE] Staff detections

    Dynamic fakelag can probably be configured to not staff ban but that probably depends on server.
  6. meowmeow

    Vape V4.12 update! (NoJumpDelay, Killaura, FakeLag modes, etc)

    This happened long ago after I reported that the Normal work didn't work properly.
  7. meowmeow

    SilentAura for Bedwars Hypixel

    Because it cannot be detected by watchdog. That doesn't make it staff safe.
  8. meowmeow

    Show Target on Kill Aura

    There should be a way to select which show target mode. "Ring" & "Box" or something.
  9. meowmeow

    Hope Vape lite add a module for killaura(silenceaura)

    They removed legacy blatant modules from v4, most of them weren't that useful. That's not at all true. They're not useless just because they're detectable, I can understand removing highly detectable less relevant blatant features but just because something is detectable doesn't make it useless...
  10. meowmeow

    Will Reach be detected at hypixel now

    They made it lower than 4,25 a while ago.
  11. meowmeow

    RIP Blatant mode

    I don't think blatant mode was needed anymore for several reasons. It injects/works just fine and there's no uninject anymore.
  12. meowmeow

    Any way to play with other vape users?

    It wouldn't work out. It would ptobably get termed. Forums is probably the best way to "connect". There are some cheating discord (like cheating youtuber discords & confighub) that you can join and potentially find people to play with.
  13. meowmeow

    Settings for legit cheating

    The autoclicker is capped like it used to be in v4. Im pretty sure the aimassist isn't capped.
  14. meowmeow

    No scoreboard with Vape v4

    Inject when on a server.
  15. meowmeow

    Settings for legit cheating

    You can edit the numbers in the external gui the same way as v4.
  16. meowmeow

    [UPDATED GUIDE] Hypixel Detections

    You can do that if you want. Im not making a thread about that because there's just too many variables imo.
  17. meowmeow

    [UPDATED GUIDE] Hypixel Detections

    This guide only applies to anticheat detections, a module being in green doesn't mean you're protected against staff bans. Keepsprint will get you staff banned.
  18. meowmeow

    blocksmc config

    Use a lower cps. That's the only reason hitreg would be messed up on blocksmc.
  19. meowmeow

    NoJumpDelay and silentaura

    Normal aura is the default killaura now, I recommend silentaura module instead but you can still use normal killaura and no it doesn't ban. Yeah the "autoblock" would be a vanilla autoblock which I believe Hypixel fully patched now so you won't have any hitreg (until recently you could still...
  20. meowmeow

    NoJumpDelay and silentaura

    I think so? But it is essentially like timing your jumps. The difference is really small though.