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    AA limit

    wdym speed? for aa u can max all, they wont ban u
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    will retardog or staff ban me for using these settingd

    u can do reach 3.4 or 3.5 and 70% velo :>
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    Anti cheat cannot detect texture packs.
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    Just use an xray texturepack lol
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    closet mmc cfg

    They barely have those tourneys
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    Hypixel Velo

    Does hypixel even have velo checks? Can I go down to 75% bc I've been using 80 80 100 for a long time and it doesnt seem to ban me
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    closet mmc cfg

    Why would you even cheat on minemen lmao. Its the server for ppl for wanna practice pvp
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    lol he can go upto 3.4 and 80% velo
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    230ms Hypixel Closet config

    Hi, Ive been using 3.2-3.4 reach 85% velo and it doesnt see to ban me. How much more can I go? Will I get banned if I go 3.5 reach and like 80% velo?
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    Is 3.0 - 3.1 detectable in hypixel for 200+ ms players?

    No never, u can go. upto 3.4
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    Autoclick blockhit

    Is autoclick blockhit good and is it bannable on hyp
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    Settings for Hypixel questions

    Yeah if he has like about 200ms 3.4 should be fine but with 60, its almost like blatant
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    Hypixel Closet Config 230ms

    alr ty
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    Hypixel Closet Config 230ms

    Antibot (advanced) aa: all max ac: 11-16 Velo: 87 100 100 Reach: 3.1-3.4 ESP Does this have any risk of getting banned? If yes, what should I change to?
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    Aim Assist

    Ok tyty.. Btw what's the best setting for aa? And is there any way to like make aa not target my teammate
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    Aim Assist

    i only used it in one fight, and i even died.... how likely will it get me banned?
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    Aim Assist

    Hi, one thing regarding aa, what is the best setting for it? is it just all 3 of them max? and will it be detectable? And also i met a hacker and i turned on killaura default setting for like 1 min, will it get me banned?
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    220-250ms Closet Cheating Config

    Sry i meant aa not ac
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    220-250ms Closet Cheating Config

    Hi, by ac anything what do you mean? Can you specify them bc theres horizontal, max and angle and distance.