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  1. matthewlitwiz

    Classic Duels Settings??

    What's like the upmost best settings for classic Duels, like I'm playing legit and I just see #11 Divine Classic player and he cheating hard!!! What's the best for hypixel classic duel 80ms
  2. matthewlitwiz

    Any improvement's on these settings?

    I thought that at first but its been over a 6 month i think since i used that aim assist settings and still nothing happened but thanks anyway
  3. matthewlitwiz

    Any improvement's on these settings?

    holy the text is messed up lol
  4. matthewlitwiz

    Any improvement's on these settings?

    I've been using the following setting (images below) for over a year now with no ban and wanted to see if theres anything I can improve or not my ping is below 60ms. also I know manually autoblocking is better and I also know my aim assist is high but they still work to my favor so leave em.
  5. matthewlitwiz

    I need a legit config for hypixel

    this has all settings for different settings
  6. matthewlitwiz

    Only bridge on Shift

    yeah they need to add it on vape v4 cus raven B+ has it and its soo amazing, everytime i use vape, i always make sure to use scaffold from raven where you just hold shift
  7. matthewlitwiz

    Need 20 ms legit config for Vape V4 (hypixel)

    staff cant see 3.2 - 3.3 reach use it, I been using it for months with 40ms
  8. matthewlitwiz

    Blatant Settings Toggle

    yes it is for bedwars, I use 3.2 - 3.3 reach with scaffold but sometimes I get into games where people just have crazy reach so I wanted to know a good killaura settings that i can toggle on and off, for when I get into games with hackers
  9. matthewlitwiz

    Blatant Settings Toggle

    I been closet cheating for a bit but now that I'm somewhat high level, I keep on queuing sweaty nicks or hackers every 10 - 15th game, does anyone have like a nice setting that i can toggle off and on every once in a while without getting banned?
  10. matthewlitwiz


    can you make an updated version with the new reach features and backtrack?
  11. matthewlitwiz

    Ping spoof?

    I saw a post about what settings you should have for hypixel depending on ping, and wanted to know if I could spoof my ping to like 300 and use more reach, does ping spoofing (beanernet) ban? if not whats a good ping to play with for 4.0 reach?
  12. matthewlitwiz

    Legit aura?

    does legit aura flag? if not what are like the safest settings for them?
  13. matthewlitwiz

    What's the best settings for bedwars?

    I've been using vape but I wanna try and use it on my main, is there any good settings that won't get me banned?