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  1. doger

    gpu question

    that's an odd gpu setup
  2. doger

    Badlion Injection not working

    well it only crashes when i try to break blocks with a sword in creative mode which you can't do idk if it's a badlion bug or a vape bug
  3. doger

    Badlion Injection not working

    i don't
  4. doger

    Badlion Injection not working

    it works for me but i crash when i use autoclicker
  5. doger

    Vape on Linux

    I was wondering if anyone managed to find a way to inject vape into Minecraft on linux. I know it's not supported but I am curious if anyone found a way to do it without VM's.
  6. doger

    Render modules work with murder finder

    I was wondering if render modules could have an option for murder only as it's annyoing to look for the murderer
  7. doger

    Hypixel Atlas [How To Bypass] [Analysis]

    I use higher cps but lower reach and higher velo tho I use vape lite on lunar currently
  8. doger

    Vape lite

    what modules work cause I play bedwars so I kinda need scaffold
  9. doger

    Vape lite

    I was thinking of buying vape lite to use on lunar/badlion and am wondering does it work and if any modules don't work