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    PlayerVisual Tab with features

    no reason to be toxic lmfao aren't you that kid who makes videos on cheaters on MMC and then you literally have a vape forums account and tell configs to cheat on hypixel/mmc? A bit hypocritical...
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    Any way to play with other vape users?

    happened to me as well like 2 years ago I said I was 2 years old as a joke obviously and those retarded faggots at discord actually banned me and wanted me to send my ID to get unbanned 💀
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    Show Target on Kill Aura

    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc): V4 Suggestion Description: The show target on kill aura is ugly and old so please replace it with the new one that is used on silent aura. Video Reference (Not required):
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    Any way to play with other vape users?

    No and even if vape made a discord server, it would probably be filled with little kids begging for free vape v4 or people mass dming/spreading ratted vape cracks and it would probably get termed so
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    No scoreboard with Vape v4

    i dont think there is any cracks and he literally has his account linked showing he owns vape..
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    maybe if you upload he will

    maybe if you upload he will
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    murder finder nametag highlight

    no it doesnt
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    murder finder nametag highlight

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    digital footprint

    same with those mfs on ig reels that will comment on a post about a little black child that just beat cancer and say shit like "life aint all cupcakes and rainbows lil nigga get a job"
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    digital footprint

    bro is NOT making it into college
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    PlayerVisual Tab with features

    Who said it wouldn't be client sided/toggleable
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    PlayerVisual Tab with features

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    aim assist for teamfights

    Also you could probably use the new silent aura with yaw/health mode
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    I think it's a lot better than the 4.11 update. It was cool, but honestly not many people are going to be using it. This one added some new modules that can actually be used by anyone for closet/blatant cheating as well as removing some other useless features even though I disagree with removing...
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    nah i downloaded wrong shit lmao

    You should probably reinstall windows. Don't do it through Windows since it will take 5x longer and also it won't remove the rat most likely if it's a good one. Oh yeah, you will also need a USB with about 8 GB of free space and make sure nothing important is on it since you will need to format it.
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    Recipe Helper

    The other day I forgot how to craft arrows and I had to google the recipe
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    Will vape ever be discontinued?

    maybe if manthe dies then yeah
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    Silent Rod Aura

    I don't think it would work well since it's hard to predict a players movement and if you're on higher ping it would make it even worse.
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    Clutch Require Right Click

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    Are there any sound clickers / double clickers left?

    All of them end up exit scamming and are normally overpriced.