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Settings Suggestions- Shit anticheat- SoupPvp

Discussion in 'Settings' started by RandomGuy1234, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. RandomGuy1234

    RandomGuy1234 New Member

    I main on a server with an awful anticheat (can literally 6 block reach) however the staff is pretty active and bans or screenshares anyone who is blatant. (It’s also soupPVP based)

    My question is What is the highest settings could I push on vape Lite that are not visibly noticeable from staff or other players?
  2. Baguette69

    Baguette69 Active Member

    ac 8-12
    Aimassist 4 hspeed
    click aim
    reach 3.1-3.3
    velocity 85% 100% 100%
  3. Airway

    Airway Member

    whats the servers name

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