Pretty Blatant Hypixel Settings

Discussion in 'Settings' started by PartSmart, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. PartSmart

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    I've been using these settings for a while not and haven't been banned. I get 40 - 80ms.

    Inventory Fill [ON]
    Breakblocks [ON]
    CPS 10-14
    Limit to items [ON] swords, axes, hand
    3.9 - 4 blocks lol, it's undetectable but really blatant
    Verticle Check [ON]
    Only while sprinting [ON]
    Misplace [ON] if recording
    80% Horizontal
    100% Verticle
    100% Chance

    Kite mode [ON]
    105% Horizontal
    105% Verticle
    Click Aim [ON]
    Aim while on target [ON]
    Strafe Increase [ON]
    Aim Vertically [ON]

    2 Verticle Speed
    10 Horizontal Speed, it's really high but pretty useful
    70 Max Angle, use your ingame FOV
    5 Distance

    You don't need to turn these on but I recommend doing so:
    Blocks [ON]
    1.0 Delay
    Auto Scale [ON]
    Hide Bots [ON]
    Render Player [ON]

    0.7 Scale
    Hypixel [ON]
    Remove Bots [ON]
    make it toggleable, because sometimes it lags back even when you're not falling into the void
    2.0m Fall Distance
    Really good for hitting someone when they are running away
    1.05 Speed, this is still undetectable and pretty useful
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  2. PartSmart

    PartSmart New Member

    Sorry if the thread looks a bit messy, this is my first time sharing my settings
  3. ExcuseMe

    ExcuseMe Member

    1.07 for timer bypasses ;)
  4. rev

    rev Member

    how long have you used them for

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