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How to use VPN when injecting Vape

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by LaoGanMa, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. LaoGanMa

    LaoGanMa New Member

    I’m slow to inject Vape, so can someone tell me how to use VPN when injecting Vape?
  2. ca1eb

    ca1eb New Member

    have ur vpn on and connected, then inject it. Normally asks me to log in again, and thats about it
  3. Baguette69

    Baguette69 Active Member

    You should inject vape and start your vpn After it
  4. how do you inject vape
  5. Do you even have vape v4 / vape lite?
  6. Baguette69

    Baguette69 Active Member

    Launch it
  7. yes i do i just figured it out apparently was lagging too much so it didn't load it works now
  8. Hmmmmmm
  9. lajishipin

    lajishipin New Member


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